Latavius Murray plans on being ready for training camp

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Adrian Peterson earned a prominent spot in the headlines on Tuesday by signing with the Saints in a move that sets him up for an early return to Minnesota because the two teams will square off in Week One.

The plan for the Vikings is for Latavius Murray to be in Peterson’s old spot as the team’s starting running back, although the Vikings will have to wait a little while before they have a chance to see exactly how Murray fits into their offense. He had ankle surgery shortly after signing with the team as a free agent and said Tuesday that he’s still going through the rehab process with designs on being ready to go when training camp starts.

“That’s the plan,” Murray said. “That’s my goal, obviously. I don’t want to miss any more time than I have to, but, at the same time, I have to continue to trust the plan [the medical staff] has in place for me. I want to be out there when it’s time to lock and load.”

When that time arrives, Murray says that he knows the Vikings want him on the field as much as possible as an every-down back and said he’s confident that his receiving skills will allow that to happen. It will be a spell before there’s on-field evidence to support those feelings, but little doubt that the Vikings will need Murray to hit the ground running upon his return to action.

11 responses to “Latavius Murray plans on being ready for training camp

  1. And so it begins. Murray’s upright running style has IR written all over him and he will start his Viking career with ankle surgery. Murray isn’t expected to replace Peterson, he can’t inseminate enough women or beat 4 year old children fast enough to do that, but his production behind a horrible offensive line will prove that his Raider days were more because of their offensive line that any inherent talent Murray might have.

  2. Notice that our inbred little sisters to the east are starting a horrible WR at running back!!! Let that sink in!!! It’s almost as they take pride in being humiliated in the playoffs?????

  3. Big time Packer stock holder chiming in!!!! How come 31 other teams don’t start WR’s at the RB position???? Noticed how well it worked in the NFC Championship game?

  4. GenXJ says:
    Apr 26, 2017 7:55 AM
    Huge packer-backer here. I wish we had a running back so I can run my mouth about Murray.

    Ariani is bringing up the Pack again, in a non-Packer related article. Here he is using screen name #15 as GenXJ.

  5. He’s not an every down back …. His receiving numbers are about the same as AP’s …. He’s had concussions …. And let’s not forget going from the best offensive line in football to the absolute worst …. Good luck with that

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