Marshawn Lynch confirms he’s heading to Oakland

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The last time there were reports that Marshawn Lynch was on his way to officially joining the Raiders, Lynch threw cold water on them and said that he’d let us know when “s–t gets REAL.”

Wednesday morning brought more reports that the deal was done and this round included trade terms between the Seahawks and Raiders. Lynch, who was in Haiti this week, didn’t offer any immediate updates as to the veracity of those reports, but that ended with a tweet later in the day.

Lynch wrote “It’s time” on a tweet that also included a screenshot of a message that thanked Seahawks fans and confirmed that he was going to play in his hometown in his inimitable style.

“Yes Lawd 12th man I’m thankful but s—t just got REAL I had hella fun in Seattle … But I’m really from Oakland doe like really really really from Oakland doe … town bizzness breath on me.”

The Seahawks and Raiders will exchange third-day draft picks in 2018 and Lynch will reportedly have a base salary of $3 million with the Raiders with incentives that can push the deal as high as $8.5 million. Omar Ruiz of NFL Media reports that Lynch is at the team’s facility and took a physical earlier on Wednesday so a team announcement, which is unlikely to include the phrase “town bizzness breath on me,” may be coming soon.

48 responses to “Marshawn Lynch confirms he’s heading to Oakland

  1. I couldn’t be happier to have Marshawn back in the league.

    There are no players more fun to watch, even on a bad day.

    Stay healthy, and run hard ‘Shawn

  2. Hawks fan here,
    He always gave us his best and I have many great memories of him never giving up or stepping out of bounds to avoid a hit. Hope he stays healthy and it’s good for the NFL to have him back playing in the black and silver.

  3. so the league throws the Oakland fans a consolation prize because they are moving their team AGAIN.

    unfortunately the sheep will fall for it and fork out their hard earned money to a team and a league that abandoned them TWICE now.

    chalk up another win for the elites and another loss for the dumbed down American public.

  4. I like Lynch, he’s an entertaining dude and that adds an element to the sport.

    That said, he had a hernia in 2015 which sidelined him for half the season, ran for a paltry 3.8 average, did nothing against the Panthers in the divisional playoff, and has been out of football for a year.

    This seems more like a PR fan exciting move than a smart football one by the Raiders.

  5. Sure, I’m a fan of the Seahawks, but more than that, I’m a fan of the game and Lynch has game. Glad that Shawn gets to retire with the hometown team. Go Beast Mode!

  6. i, flounder says:
    Apr 26, 2017 1:58 PM
    can he do one thing without celebrating ignorance?

    doe, that his brand bruh.
    Y’all need to work on y’all’s people skills

  7. Let’s see what kind of shape he’s in before we get too excited. He’s had a lot of time to snack on Skittles while he’s been away.

  8. “Yes Lawd 12th man I’m thankful but s—t just got REAL I had hella fun in Seattle … But I’m really from Oakland doe like really really really from Oakland doe … town bizzness breath on me.”

    I feel like I just lost IQ points after attempting to read this.

  9. Still hope they grab a short-yardage specialist in the draft (Foreman/Perine), just in case…

  10. The 12th Man has nothing but love for Beast Mode. Greatest Seahawk RB of all time. And that’s saying a lot considering Curt Warner was a Seahawk.

    Go play in the black and silver bruh. I’ll be watching the Raiders and rooting for them cuz that’s our dude, and who doesn’t like that home town enthusiasm.The Emerald City will always have love for Beast Mode cuz we got that Lombardi and Lynch started the roll. Lynch had his best days in Seahawk blue and green and we got to share that joy.

    It’s awesome to see Lynch get another shot at one. The Raiders should be good this season although I don’t honestly expect Lynch to be a major contributor.

  11. Good luck Lynch. Hope it works out for you. Thanks for your contributions to the Seahawks.

  12. As a raider fan, I don’t like this move. It only makes sense if the contract is incentive driven and low guaranteed money. I would much rather us go after a D’Onta Foreman in the 2nd round.

  13. dirtydyt says:
    Apr 26, 2017 2:12 PM
    Let’s see what kind of shape he’s in before we get too excited. He’s had a lot of time to snack on Skittles while he’s been away.

    Glad you mentioned it. Reggie Mac would never think of that.


    Reports are he is in great shape. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  14. Wonder who’s going to be more disappointed this year, the Saints with Peterson or Oakland with Lynch. Both are old for RB’s and have a lot of miles on them and have been ridden hard.

    It looks like the Saints will be using Peterson in a small defined role, but unless Oakland picks up another RB in the draft or FA, Lynch will be the man. Can’t see that scenario going too well, as in he’ll be back on the DL by the team’s week 10 bye.

    At least Lynch will have plenty of time to disrupt the locker room, eat Skittles and be his usual anti-social self.

  15. wib22 says:
    Apr 26, 2017 2:12 PM
    the patsies won’t be able to tackle him come playoff time.


    Your Dolphins will me mathematically eliminated come playoff time

  16. People talking about him eating up cap – The Raiders have the cap space to sign Carr long term and sign their rookies. Free agency is over so no need to keep money for a big splash there. It is a one year incentive laden deal. It will not hurt the team and worst case scenario he gets injured or is not very productive. They have scat backs and Olawale. They are not desperate for a Lynch type back. If he can come in and be any sort of productive then it is a bonus. I still think they use a 3rd or 4th rd pick on his eventual replacement making it an even less risky move.

  17. Lynch is a good person, some of these comments are just plain lame, next time your giving your money to charity or flying to other countries to help people let me know! In the meantime hope your teams are ready for these Raiders!!!… RN4L

  18. raiders fans are so soft … they have ONE good season and they think they are a dynasty.

    your team doesn’t think much of you – bailing on you for vegas.

  19. pilingon57 says:
    Apr 26, 2017 2:14 PM
    This makes me forget they are moving to Vegas.
    That’s what the Raiders front office is hoping for.

  20. As a Seahawk fan I wish him well. I’ve never seen anyone run as hard (as least on that team). I would hate to have him as an employee.

  21. Some of these comments are comical. Like the out of shape ones, you think he was just sitting on the couch and just decided to come back to the NFL?
    Nothing but good comments from Seahawk fans for his time there with them, y’all are some classy fans.
    The rest, let the hating commence….

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