Report: Jahri Evans signing with Packers

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The Packers have said goodbye to a pair of guards in the last year with the release of Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang joining the Lions as a free agent, but they are reportedly bolstering their options at the position with the addition of another veteran.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Packers are signing Jahri Evans.

Evans has played for the Saints for the last 11 seasons, although he did spend last offseason with the Seahawks before being released and returning to New Orleans. He started every game for the Saints after making that return to the roster and has 169 career starts in the NFL.

There was a recent report that members of the Packers coaching staff were unhappy about Lang’s departure, which left them with Don Barclay, Kyle Murphy and Lucas Patrick as options at right guard. With Lane Taylor coming off a year as the starter on the other side, Evans will presumably join that group and leaves the Packers with a less pressing need to add help at the position in this week’s draft.

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  1. As a Saints fan I am very sorry to see Jahri go…was so pleased we were able to get him back last season…
    Wish we could have kept him for another season, at least…169 starts is a lot of wear and tear,
    Saints should have gotten Josh Sitton,
    I honestly believe he went straight to the Bears and signed with them out of spite…
    the Saints were a better fit for Sitton

  2. cheeseisfattening says:
    Apr 26, 2017 4:16 PM
    The Seahawks has the worst OLine in the league last year and Jahri Evans was cut from it before the season started just to provide some perspective.


    Aren’t you the same guy that also claimed that MN had the worst line in the league last year and that’s why they didn’t make the playoffs?

    Which is it? Seattle who did make the playoffs had the worst line in the league or MN who didn’t?

  3. “cheeseisfattening says:
    Apr 26, 2017 4:16 PM
    poor post , cheesefathead…

    The Seahawks has the worst OLine in the league last year and Jahri Evans was cut from it before the season started just to provide some perspective.”

    He Started every game for the Saints who were
    #1 Passing offense…
    Jahri had a good year last season

  4. Heidi fans react as if he’s been named the starter.
    Camp competition and depth are good.

  5. Oh look, Viking fans commenting on another team’s offensive line. Next thing you know they’ll be giving their expert opinions on quarterbacks.

    Evans is an excellent signing who will give the Packers time to develop a young guard as a long-term replacement. Nice to see TT bring in some veteran help.

  6. You need depth for the training camp rigors. You need depth in case of a major injury. Adding an old experienced guy is not a bad thing. Even though the Pack doesnt do it a lot, ( Jeff Saturday 2011) it is a depth thing. It doesnt mean anything as far as the draft is concerned ( if you believe that you never draft for need only the best player on the board). Is Jari better than Breno – I would guess so otherwise the Pack could have brought him back. Fans in Seattle want the Hawks to bring him back,

  7. cheeseisfattening says:

    The Seahawks has the worst OLine in the league last year and Jahri Evans was cut from it before the season started just to provide some perspective.
    The Vikings and Colts were a lot worse, just for perspective, and cutting Evans in the hopes of bringing him back for week 2 without having to guarantee his salary is one of the reasons why the Seahawks struggled. Evans would have made a big difference for the Seahawks last year and he’ll help the Packers.

  8. “Heidi fans react as if he’s been named the starter.”

    Don’t be too hard on them. This is their real season. Let them have some enjoyment until reality sets in … again.

  9. Evans will be 34 when the season starts, but had a good pass pro grade last year – 84.4. Run grade much worse- 58. Could be a good stop-gap if he holds up.

  10. Trolls in the division are hate-baiting the Packers, again. Their teams always trail the Packers and they’re always chasing the Packers.

    But the trolls have all the advice for the Packers and none for their own teams.

    Jealous much?

  11. The Packers have been known to sign players like Evans and allow them to compete for a roster spot. If they don’t shine during the preseason, Ted has been known to cut veterans no how many games they have started in the past.

    Let’s see if he has anything left in the tank before we pronounce this a good or bad signing. I don’t know but I strongly suspect he could start for the Vikings tomorrow and that’s not a comment on his skill level but the sorry state of the Vikings.

  12. Evans should be a great, cheap stopgap; allowing the Packers to upgrade positions of need on the defense.

  13. After 11 seasons he’s looking forward to playing 16 games and then a non competitive laugher. Not much wear and tear.

  14. Good player, good guard, but why let Lang walk if you’re just going to sign another older vet to replace him? While Evans hasn’t been a slouch by any means, you might as well keep the guy who’s been there, knows your playbook, knows your QB, and has contributed to your team, especially considering how much the O-line has been through the last year.

  15. Evans is 34 this season, but is good. Lang was let go because he was 30 and getting too old.

    Which is it GB?

    I would imagine its because Lang was asking for quality starter money on a longer term deal, while Evans was willing to accept significantly less on a short term one. So it all came down to cap issues. I would have preferred that Ted sign Lang. But since that didn’t happen, I’m happy that he at least recognized he had no starting quality right guard on the roster, and didn’t want to have to overdraft one in a weak year for offensive linemen.

  16. Evans is 34 this season, but is good. Lang was let go because he was 30 and getting too old.

    Which is it GB?
    You forgot about the $30 million dollar contract Lang wanted us to match. That’s the ONLY reason he was let go.

  17. He would instantly be the best Offensive Lineman on the vikings.

    It’s hilarious to see vikings trolls trying to rip on another teams O-Line when they have the worst one in the NFL.

  18. …… and in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select Jahri Evans, guard, New Orleans Saintly College.

  19. “Turd nation now has the worst OLINE in the league. Congrats!”

    At least ariana acknowledges that turd nation is minisoda

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