49ers end Reuben Foster’s slide


Reuben Foster’s loss was San Francisco’s gain.

The Alabama linebacker, one of the top talents in the draft, slid after being sent home from the Scouting Combine and, more recently, generating a positive drug test via a dilute sample.

It caused him to plunge, but the 49ers decided to trade up to get him, doing a deal with the Seahawks for the 31st pick in the draft.

The 49ers gave up their second-round pick and a fourth-round pick to make the move up and grab Foster, who possibly would have been nabbed by the Saints.

23 responses to “49ers end Reuben Foster’s slide

  1. Thrilled with this first round as a 49er fan. Basically used one of Chicago’s silly trade picks to snag Foster and still have a 3rd rounder left from the trade.

    I have no delusions about playoffs, but they will be more competitive. Shanny and Lynch off to a good looking start!

  2. I personally think the 4th rounder is a good bargaining chip to go from 2nd rounder back up to the first. If he turns out, the 3 spot move up was worth definitely worth it to get the 5th year option.

  3. John Lynch is already showing signs of a first time GM, terrible pick. Red flags everywhere..there’s a reason this guy slid down this far.

  4. Wow, even if your not a niner fan acknowledgement to the new group for drafting on a very intelligent basis. Maybe some hope for the future.

  5. Seahawks drop down twice, pick up a 3rd and two 4ths, have six picks on day two, don’t have to pay a first round bonus and still get the player they would have taken at #26.

    And that folks, is how you contend for Super Bowls year after year. Same player, lower cap, and the rest of the division is a dumpster fire.

    #Dynasty window is still wide open

  6. Impressed with SF’s new rookie front office. Bold, confident and making moves to improve the team. Sure seem to have a solid approach to most of the decisions I’ve seen so far. Hopefully, it continues and the NFC West can get back to being a respectable, competitive Division from top to bottom.

  7. The Saints and the Packers were the only teams in position to draft Foster. By moving down, the Hogs saved some salary cap space. A first rounder simply costs more money to sign.

  8. That makes 5 1st round picks for the 49ers the last 3 years. Hopefully that turns into something positive in the future for San Francisco.

  9. Mark my words, Foster will be a bust. He struggled mightily with X’s and O’s on the white board, and when asked about it he admitted that he has trouble with the mental aspect of the game. He’s gonna have to digest a complicated NFL playbook, natural talent only takes you so far. Compound that with his bum shoulder, I wanted nothing to do with him.

  10. The reason he slid, was not the diluted sample, but he has medical issues with both shoulders. And I believe its nothing that surgery can help. The teams that were considering him blew off the diluted sample issue. The shoulder issue is more alarming.

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