Broncos feel renewed energy this offseason

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There is sometimes talk of a “Super Bowl hangover” in the aftermath of a title win as teams find it harder to summon the same energy level in a shortened offseason that finds more demands on a player’s time because of their success in the previous season.

The Broncos aren’t using that exact phrase, but it sounds like they feel things weren’t as dialed in as they could have been in the wake of Super Bowl 50 last season. Chris Harris said Wednesday that the team was “a little bit lax” coming off the win, which is an observation that his fellow cornerback Aqib Talib agrees with while also agreeing that the team has found better footing this year.

“I feel our urgency is there,” Talib said, via “I don’t think our urgency was there last year. We were kind of in recovering mode the whole offseason. Our urgency is there. That’s where it starts.”

Falling from the top of the mountain to out of the playoffs is humbling enough to create a sharper edge, but may not be the only reason for a new attitude in Denver. The change in head coaches from Gary Kubiak to Vance Joseph likely has some impact on the changed atmosphere as the unfamiliar leads players to react differently than they would under the same tutelage.

4 responses to “Broncos feel renewed energy this offseason

  1. They made a poor coaching hire bringing in a supposed defensive guru to a team that already had a great defense, and they don’t have a QB.

    This is going to go about as well as that same approach did in Buffalo.

  2. yes because the world is waiting with baited breath on how the orange band of hee haws, led by mr. ed, feels about their offseason.
    they will be the #1 afc west basement dwellar for the next 5 years. I will enjoy every minute of their rightful demise, just like last year.

    Hee Haw!

  3. Their mouths will run them to a 9-7 or 8-8 kind of a season.

    They aren’t winning the division and likely won’t sniff the Pats.

    Ship has sailed. You had your little one and one run. Enjoy that and get over it.

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