Ravens take Marlon Humphrey at No. 16


The defense in Baltimore isn’t what is used to be. The team is now trying to make it what it once was.

With the sixteenth pick in the draft, the Ravens have selected cornerback Marlon Humphrey. The Alabama cornerback becomes the second cornerback drafted.

It’s hard not to wonder whether the Ravens would have taken cornerback Gareon Conley in this spot, but for the criminal charges pending against him. Of course, if Conley hadn’t found himself in this predicament, he may have been gone before No. 16.

10 responses to “Ravens take Marlon Humphrey at No. 16

  1. Perhaps Mr. Harbaugh has a hand in selection. Gareon Conley passed a lie detector test in Baltimore. Not that Marlon is not a good player. Time will tell.

  2. Who?? Way to leave arguably the best TE on the board out there, despite your need for a good receiver. I think Ozzy is done.

  3. Not going to totally hate since Jimmy Smith always seems to be injured. But you don’t want to hear that your newest cornerback’s biggest weakness is “tracking the ball in the air” when you’re in a division with Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, AJ Green, Corey Coleman, and now John Ross…

  4. Excellent pick. The biggest CB in the draft. He’s got 4.4. speed and length to be a great press CB, something the Raven’s don’t have (only when Jimmy Smith is healthy, which is not often). Plus he is a solid run defender who can get in the backfield and blow up plays.

    There are other LBs in the 2nd round that probably grade better than Foster for the Ravens.

    If the Ravens can stop guys like OBJ, AB, Green and other WR1s from having big days, their 8-8 record flips 2-3 games in their favor.

    Great pick!

  5. I’ll wait and see what the Ravens do the rest of this draft, but I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy right now.

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