Report: Browns will pick Myles Garrett first overall

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With the first overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns will select Myles Garrett, defensive end from Texas A&M.

That’s the word from Mary Kay Cabot of, who reports that the Browns’ decision makers had one last meeting this afternoon and solidified the decision to draft Garrett.

Garrett has been the favorite to be the first overall pick for months, but in the last couple of days a slew of reports have suggested that the Browns could go with North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky instead.

It’s still possible that Trubisky could land in Cleveland, as the Browns also own the 12th overall pick and might move up to get the quarterback they want. But with the first pick, they’re going with Garrett, just as everyone thought they would all along.

And with that, the San Francisco 49ers are on the clock at No. 2.

50 responses to “Report: Browns will pick Myles Garrett first overall

  1. Safe pick there. They better work something out to get Tribusky now, or it’s all for not.

  2. I thought the Browns would be idiots to pass him up. Now that they’re picking him, he’s bound to be horrible, since whatever the Browns do will be wrong.

  3. On the clock after the Browns waste our time and take the full 10 minutes for the talking heads on TV… the 1st pick should always get 00:00 on the clock

  4. Thanks for spoiling it. JK. I remember when the Chiefs had the #1 pick, seeing a post like this about this time on draft day saying they would take Eric Fisher, and they did.

  5. Lots of teams have good, or great, defensive ends / outside rushers and don’t win championships. See: Houston Texans

    It’s a QB driven league and the Browns should take Trubisky.

  6. If they passed on Garrett for Trubisky and Trubisky turned out to be a stiff, management could never live it down.

  7. The Browns have many holes, and next year’s QB class will be significantly better. Let’s not forget that the Browns do have Osweiller. Yes, if he was the QB of my team I’d probably become a raging alcoholic, but he does have playoff appearances with 2 teams. Load up with Garrett and 10 other players that can help fill needs, go with Osweiller, try to win 5 games and get your franchise QB next year.

  8. Good choice! Now lets trade 12/52 and 2nd rounder (s) next year and take Jamal Adams too, best CB available at 33. Defense vastly improved.

    Kessler behind a real o-line and in his second year in the offense should alone improve the offense. If not, we can Gamble with Peterman in the 3rd, Chad Kelly in the 5th or Jerod Evans in the 6th.

  9. The funny thing is that some Browns fans are saying that next year’s QB class is better, but that’s what they said last year as well when they traded the chance to draft Wentz. Oops. You HAVE to take a chance on a QB when you can.

  10. The Power Rankings says:
    Apr 27, 2017 4:49 PM
    Lots of teams have good, or great, defensive ends / outside rushers and don’t win championships. See: Houston Texans

    It’s a QB driven league and the Browns should take Trubisky.

    Yeah,because QB play won SB50.

  11. If Garrett isn’t hurt, arrested or suspended by Week 1, it’ll be a huge W for the Brownies.

  12. boiler72 says:
    Apr 27, 2017 4:45 PM
    That dude better put on some more weight and soon, otherwise the NFL tackles are going to pancake him alive.


    He’s 271 pounds…

  13. Don’t feel bad for this guy. He’s soon to be an instant millionaire and one of the most popular guys in Cleveland. Expect LeBron to reach out to him too.
    Life is about to become VERY good for Myles Garrett.

  14. Garrett has to be a double digit sack guy for the rest of his career for him to live up to his lofty draft status. For Cleveland’s sake, i hope that they finally hit on one. They are long overdue.

  15. Didn’t Warren Sapp say this guy shouldn’t go #1 overall? Warren Sapp is a great talent evaluator and level-headed dude. I’m so glad they got rid of guys like Kuharsky and Werder for true talents like Sapp.

  16. Speaking of the draft…

    It seems like the NFL should issue a press release prior to the 2017 NFL Draft to tell everyone the results of the 2015 PSI study.

    Since a team is going to be made to miss the 4th round of the draft and it’s now clear that the PSI information will show that the team was wrongly blamed for what cold weather does.

    Since Roger Goodell seems to be unwilling to display integrity or the “transparency” that he pledged in 2014… people may have to look elsewhere for information.

    A video showing how cold weather drops the PSI in footballs can be found on the popular online video site. Just search the popular online video site for “DEFLATE GATE & WHY SCIENCE SAYS THE PATRIOTS DID NOT TAMPER WITH FOOTBALLS”

  17. It would be nice if the NFL demonstrated the transparency that Roger Goodell pledged in 2014 and issued a press release containing the PSI information from the 2015 NFL season prior to the 2017 NFL Draft.

  18. It would be nice if the NFL demonstrated some transparency and issued a press release containing the PSI information from the 2015 season prior to the 2017 NFL Draft.

    Then when the information shows that footballs often drop PSI during cold/wet games:

    • The NFL can demonstrates some integrity and reinstate the Patriots 2017 4th round pick.
    • The NFL can demonstrate more integrity and award the Patriots a 1st round compensation pick to make up for the one that was taken away in 2016. Getting the pick late is better than never.
    • The NFL can show even more integrity by awarding the Patriots a 2nd round compensation pick to make up for Tom Brady missing 25% of the 2016 season.

  19. While it of course won’t surprise me, it also won’t totally surprise me if they do something wacky like draft Solomon. That would actually make me happy but I’ll be ok with this pick. Just hope he’s all they say he is.

  20. Taking Garrett is a no brained but it’s a QB league and picking one of these guys is a mistake. Package a bunch of picks for Garopolo and your on the way. This kid can play and if you are lucky to pry him away from the pats then you are a winner.

  21. I bet they trade the #12 and the lower of their 2nd rounders for Handsome Jimmy Garrapollo.

    Patriots trade that #12 for a 2nd, 3rd and 5th and LOAD UP. It’s a deep draft right where they like it.

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