Browns get a quarterback, draft DeShone Kizer

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After passing on quarterbacks three times in the first round, the Browns drafted a quarterback in the second round.

Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer went to Cleveland with the 52nd overall pick.

The Browns had three first-round picks but eschewed quarterbacks with all three, but tonight they decided to grab Kizer, a physically impressive quarterback who still has a lot of work to do in developing as an NFL-caliber passer.

Kizer joins Cody Kessler, last year’s third-round pick, in the Browns’ quarterback room. Cleveland also has Brock Osweiler and Kevin Hogan under contract, and the Browns have said that Osweiler will get a chance to start, although he was acquired mostly because the Texans gave the Browns a second-round pick to take his contract off their hands.

Although Kizer probably won’t start over Kessler at first, he’ll surely be given an opportunity to win the starting job at some point during the season. Whether he’s the Browns’ quarterback of the future remains to be seen, but he’s probably the most talented player they have at the most important position in football.

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  1. Looks like the brainiacs in Cleveland might have a clue after all. My lord it’s about time. Kizer checks all the boxes. Doesn’t do anything fantastic but is solid all around. The Honda Accord of the 2017 qb class.

  2. Kizer will be cut after the season, along with kessker, hogan and hue jackson. Cleveland sucks. They should be embarrassed at how they run their franchise.

  3. There will be the inevitable report that has Hue Jackson or some other Browns honk claiming that this guy was their top rated QB, and how they can’t believe he fell to them in the 50’s.

  4. On this guy’s highlight reel, aired by ESPN, this guy doesn’t have a single throw with a nice tight spiral. A lot of scrambling…

    He doesn’t look like an NFL QB.

  5. I just wonder if he can get the coaching he needs in Cleveland. He’s not going to have an experienced QB to mentor him. The most experienced guy is Osweiler? I’m sure all the QBs were hoping the Browns didn’t pick them. They are the graveyard for QBs…literally. How many concussions did all their QBs have last year cumulatively? Quite a few. It’s probably safe to be a punching dummy in an MMA gym.

  6. He’s as good as any QB drafted so far, probably the best of them. Was surrounded by nothing at ND last year. And he’ll be coached by Hue. Just about every QB who has played under him has played well, kind of like Andy Reid. And they didn’t squander picks to reach for him. “Moneyball” is the best thing to happen in Cleveland Brown history!

  7. The Browns seriously suck. No, really, they completely suck. I am soooo sorry for their fans. At least you’ve been to the playoffs more recently than The Bills.

  8. We need to have a qb with some potential. Osweiler sucks, a team gave us a 2nd Rd pick to take him for gosh sakes. Kessler has a week arm and because of that he’s limited, and he has 2 concussions already. Kizer is big, has a big arm, and shows promise. We need someone with some promise

    We took him In the 2nd, so if he is deemed a lost cause, we have 2 firsts and 3 seconds next year to make a run at a real qb.

  9. This team is all over the place. They tried to get Jimmy Garoppolo by offering pick #12 and now this weigh weird Plan B – or was Trubisky Plan A?????

  10. About time. Not a day 1 starter. Significantly below the above QB’s.

    He has a chance of course, and I’m glad they finally took someone with a chance, rather then let another QB pass them by. They have had plenty of chances in the 2016 and earlier in the 2017 draft.

    But this is what you do. Take a QB, see what you got, and use some more capital next year to take another if you deem fit.

    Even though he seems to have a high bust potential, at this point with trades and 2018 FA/trades not looking very promising, they had to do SOMETHING.

  11. If you would have told Kizer, Peppers, Njoku & Garret that they’d be on the same team while they were in College- they would’ve called it crazy
    Give it time people, this could work

  12. r502 says:
    Apr 28, 2017 8:53 PM

    There will be the inevitable report that has Hue Jackson or some other Browns honk claiming that this guy was their top rated QB, and how they can’t believe he fell to them in the 50’s.


    Considering every QB in the draft was available to them every time they picked and they could have easily offered more than the Bears did for the #2 pick and Sashi Browns told NFL Network for everyone to here they weren’t forcing a QB pick fact is he probably was who they wanted all along.

    He’s even a local Ohio kid.

  13. Excellent value pick and, unlike the 3 from last night, no reach and, most importantly, no overpay. And he has the right size for the AFCN.

    And unlike at ND, he will have a head coach who knows how to manage quarterbacks.

    Browns are having a great draft, letting it come to them and adding another first rounder next year was unexpected and fantastic. What a fleece that was.

    They times they are a-changin’.


  14. With so many other needs and MUCH better QBs in the draft, Browns get a proven immature loser who bombed at the combine and with his team. Such a Sashi pick. Back to Harvard! You’re out of your league — literally!

  15. They want the chance to coach up a guy with a big arm. Kessler would make a nice career backup and nearly outperformed Wentz last year. A few years from now a lot of the non-Cleveland teams are going to get heavy criticism for their QB reaches.

  16. “.,.but he’s probably the most talented player they have at the most important position in football.”

    Probably? I’d say this is the most foolish statement that can be made about an unproven college player vs. three NFL veteran on the roster . The Browns would have done better to commit to better coaching for Brock than waste another high pick on a project.

  17. He’s a project but no more of one than Mahomes is. They both have horrible footwork and come out of offenses that don’t translate. This will be all about coaching them up, which is why you hire a QB guy to be your head coach. They need to go with Osweiler or Kesler until he’s ready though. Most upside in this draft though. The problem is getting to it.

  18. A lot of hatred of the Browns here. So sad. You should revere such an iconic franchise. Goodness, what will you do when we start posting winning records.

  19. this dude is a bum!! on a terrible team, terrible stadium and terrible fans. should be a great fit. he will be Al Bundys side kick soon enough fitting slobs.

  20. The Browns will get hammered for taking him just as they were hammered for not taking Watson or Trubisky or Mahomes. I don’t really think they listen to commenters.
    I’m not sure about his maturity level, and he’s certainly a project, but I can’t fault the pick late in the second round; he’s been listed as one of the top 3-5 QB’s in this draft since the beginning.
    He won’t see the field next year, and maybe not the next. But whether he looks good or not, with the draft picks the Browns have next year, they can fill any hole and will be just fine after that.

  21. Why in the world did the Browns just cut Gary Barnidge today? What a scumbag move. This makes no sense under and cybernetic / voodoo / witchcraft stupidity.
    He was a great great guy and totally a community man.This is unacceptable.
    They throw big money at free agents and then toss a man overboard who was a bright stop during our darkest days.
    Shame shame…

  22. The Browns were quietly having a very good draft, then totally waisted a pick that had players with much better potential than Kizer. But Hue believes that he’s some sort of a QB whisper who can fix any QB. Kind of like he fixed RGlll last season.

  23. I guess the drafting of Kizer means the Browns won’t be resigning RG3 (the guy who was gonna lead you to the promised land last year as Hue is the qb whisperer)…someone posted: Goodness, what will you do when we start posting winning records….
    When will that be pray tell: 2017, 2018, 2019…inquiring minds want to know…and exactly how many winning seasons have the Browns had since 1999? Two is the correct answer…

  24. Agree with avenger9800. I was getting excited after the first round; I was thinking, “Wow, maybe this new regime really does know what it’s doing.” Then they drafted this clown.

    I thought the Browns were into analytics. Well, visit any good football analytics site; they’re in 100% agreement that Kizer has virtually NO chance of being a successful NFL quarterback. So much for the Browns’ analytics.

    I also thought the Browns greatly prized draft picks. Then they threw away a second-round pick. So much for prizing draft picks.

    Conclusion: Same Old Browns.

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