Lions join Giants in LeGarrette Blount interest

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The Patriots negotiated with LeGarrette Blount, but when they couldn’t reach a deal, they moved on.

So it makes sense that one of the other teams now showing interest in the veteran running back has a strong New England flavor.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, the Lions have joined the Giants in showing post-draft interest in Blount.

The Lions have a clear backfield need, with Ameer Abdullah currently atop the odd lot of backs they’ve collected. But as important as that may be the bond between the Patriots front office and Lions General Manager Bob Quinn, who used to work there.

If Blount was on bad terms with the Patriots, Quinn might not be interested since they value the same things. But since there was interest there before the Pats moved onto Mike Gillislee, there’s a sense that they though Blount still had something left and that the only disagreement was price.

16 responses to “Lions join Giants in LeGarrette Blount interest

  1. As a close friend of the two organizations it is certainly a good fit for the Giants, not so much the Lions. The Lions have Zenner for the Blount role while the Giants are very thin at the position. The Giants, with that defense, are in a position to compete for the Superbowl while the Lions are still trying to build something substantial.

  2. Blount has earned $6,547,888 in seven years in the NFL. He’s frustrated at the Patriots for not stepping up, but there’s no bad blood. It’s a lower level, but I feel worse for Blount than I do for Malcolm Butler who will be at $6,128,163 for four years (more than Derek Carr).

  3. Blount should pick the Lions… would be a perfect fit and really help that team.

  4. Zinner is no LB. Blount is a power back with attitude who makes his own holes. Zinner has to wait for a pocket to open to be effective. Even then, the kid doesn’t possess any illusive attributes. We need a #upgrade

    … Blount in Detroit is a good move.

  5. The Lions and Giants have similar backfields. They both have 3rd down type backs but no proven bellcow type runner. Blount makes sense for either team. The veteran rb market has dried up now with AP, Lynch and Charles off of it.

  6. did the Lions not think drafting a RB was important? Your team was good enough to get to playoffs…that’s a major hole. There were plenty of good rbs to draft.

    Don’t get it.

    Giants, Lions, Eagles all need another RB. (Maybe TB depending on Martin’s head being screwed on/plus 3 gm suspension to start year)

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