Jets sign eight undrafted rookies

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The Jets didn’t sign Jay Cutler, but they did fill out their roster by adding eight undrafted rookies.

Via Rich Cimini of, the Jets have signed the following players: Linebacker Austin Calitro (Villanova), cornerback Xavier Coleman (Portland State), wide receiver/punt returner Brisly Estime (Syracuse), fullback/tight end Anthony Firkser (Harvard), defensive lineman Patrick Gamble (Georgia Tech), linebacker Connor Harris (Lindenwood), offensive tackle Javarius Leamon (South Carolina State) and wide receiver Gabe Marks (Washington State).

They will join the Jets’ nine-man draft class this weekend for a rookie minicamp.

3 responses to “Jets sign eight undrafted rookies

  1. I really feel bad for AFC East teams.

    Starting the year off when the Patriots only drafted 4 players and that’s all they really needed most be so sad for the other teams and players and fans.

    For the last 17 years its been good to be a pats fans.

    Prior to that…it was not that bad either. We went to two Super Bowls.

    If the patriots sign Jimmy Garapollo to a long term contract that could be 35 years of dominance.

  2. well, mr. johnson was correct in his comments, if you’re a jet fan don’t go into the season expecting a lot of wins…the real sign of success this season will indeed be the progression of younger talent

    you may not like the patriots but you’d be foolish not to respect them..the only real question heading into this season is who in the nfc are the patriots going to defeat in the superbowl?

    so if you’re a jet just sit back, relax & gear up for a stress free autumn & realize this year is a hopefully a stepping stone for success to come

  3. Relax Pats trolls…let’s hear what your supreme leader TyLawPick6 has to say about all this…

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