Khaseem Greene indicted on weapons charges, waived by Chiefs

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Linebacker Khaseem Greene was waived by the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday after being indicted on weapons charges in a New Jersey court.

According to Marisa Iati of, surveillance video outside of Allstar Night Club in Elizabeth, N.J. showed Greene handing a gun to another individual outside the club on Dec. 2 before that man fired the weapon into a crowd of people.

That man, Jason C. Sanders, testified in a statement that he had been given the gun by Greene.

Greene is charged with unlawful possession of a weapon.

The Chiefs announced via their Twitter account Tuesday afternoon that Green had been placed on waivers.

Green has not appeared in a regular season game since 2014 with the Chicago Bears. He was a third round pick by the Bears in 2013 and appeared in 25 games with six starts over two seasons before being released in May, 2015. Greene has been on the roster of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions and Chiefs over the last three years without earning a spot on their regular season rosters.

11 responses to “Khaseem Greene indicted on weapons charges, waived by Chiefs

  1. One day this moron will wake up and realize he blew his one shot, so he could be a hood rat gansta. After prison enjoy more crime and dead end jobs, but hey, at least you kept it real, play on playa.

  2. Sounds like Mr Greene was quick to hand his “friend” the pistol, but not so fast with the Green afterwards to ensure his friend a comfortable stay in and after prison. So you get told on and lose everything. Contingencies bro, you gotta have contingencies.

  3. And another oppressed black player is victim to a common sense law. LMFAO. C’mon man. There were 360,000 black bodies that reached the continental United States. The result of that is now millions of dumb, could care less, individuals that play the race card daily.

  4. For folks out there who are not familiar with the geography of New Jersey, the city where Mr. Greene was arrested is Elizabeth, NJ, a crime ridden hell hole infested with drugs, hookers, gang bangers and cheap hotels. To call it the arm pit of NJ discounts Camden and Paterson NJ who each worked hard in their own right to earn that title.

    Point being, if you are an aspiring NFL player, can’t you upgrade your bar scene to places other than the most down trodden?

  5. This guy ended up in Trestman’s dog house because of a lack of effort and failure to learn a basic defense. Alcohol, guns and, now, unemployment are not a good mixture. I wish him the best.

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