Mark Herzlich changes numbers from 94 to 44, to allow for some work on offense

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The NFL’s next two-way player may happen in New York, where Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich has changed his number to accommodate a possible cameo appearance on the other side of the ball.

Via Tom Rock of Newsday, Herzlich told reporters that he has switched from 94 to 44 because he’s working with the offense as a tight end and needs an eligible number.

The Giants currently have four tight ends on the roster: Will Tye, Rhett Ellison, Jerell Adams, and Matt LaCosse. Herzlich’s new number already appears on the team’s official online roster.

Undrafted in 2011, Herzlich has spent six years with the Giants. He overcame cancer while at Boston College.

7 responses to “Mark Herzlich changes numbers from 94 to 44, to allow for some work on offense

  1. Try him at fullback too. Giants need that blocking back to help run out the clock when they have the lead late in games. Herzlich’s special-teams prowess can help with FB reads and blocking on running plays just as they do on kick and punt returns.

  2. Are you kidding me. I’m sorry, but this is a joke. Way to just toss that “beat cancer to play 6 years in the NFL”, like it’s just no big deal. Boy, if this was Colin Kaepernick you’d be all over how he probably has some social aspect tied to his sudden number change, that is, when he finds a team willing to provide him a # to even wear… And people think Trump is the problem…

    Dude beat cancer, while only being a primarily ST player, he carved out a freaking role for himself in the NFL! Now, he’s getting a chance to go 2-way to just probably stay on the team, imagine if he pulls it off?It writes itself. Focus on the positive side of humanity for once…

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