Panthers say Kelvin Benjamin is working hard at shaping up

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After previously expressing concerns that receiver Kelvin Benjamin was overweight, Panthers coach Ron Rivera said his No. 1 receiver is putting in the work to shed the excess pounds.

“He’s worked very hard when he’s been around. He’s done a great job,” Rivera said, via the Charlotte Observer. “He comes in and gets the extra treatment, gets in the whirlpool, gets in the steam, sauna, stuff like that. He’s been great. He knows it, and he’s been what you would hope he would be.”

Weight problems have plagued Benjamin since the start of his football career: He redshirted as a freshman at Florida State because he showed up overweight. One report said Benjamin, who is listed at 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds, actually weighed close to 280, although Rivera said that was not correct.

Whatever his weight is, it’s higher than the Panthers want. But he may be able to change that by the start of training camp.

20 responses to “Panthers say Kelvin Benjamin is working hard at shaping up

  1. Weight lifting for an hour might burn 250-300 calories

    Not picking up the Big Mac you lose 530 calories
    Not getting that Large Milk Shake 800 calories.
    Keep NOT Pounding away the calories Kelvin. We drafted offensive weapons in the first two rounds for a reason.
    Keep working out, but diet is the key to weight loss.

  2. That’s nice of him…….to be in shape to play, shouldn’t that be every player’s goal….

  3. I’ll never understand people like this. Honestly this is the bare minimum for an athlete.

    You’ve been blessed with a mazarati and you put crisco in the gas tank.

    Shape up literally, because we don’t have to read articles about the hundreds of other WRs in the NFL with less talent than you ruining their careers at the buffet line.

  4. The whirlpool, steam room and sauna dont help you get in shape, they just help you sweat off pounds of water so the scale and mirror make you think you lost weight.

    Kid needs to clean up his diet and stick to his exercise regimen if he wants to shape up for real.

  5. Cut him some slack. NC is the home of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, you know. 🙂

    Seriously though… As much grief as Eddie Lacy gets, KB should expect he would get some body-shaming. Hopefully he truly makes the changes necessary. If he doesn’t, even us Panther fans are going to call him Kelvin Bread-jamin or something worse……

  6. Panthers fan here…quite a bit has been made of this on local talk radio, but I don’t see it as being a big deal.

    Sounds like after the season, KB decided to take it easy for a bit and ended up letting himself go a bit more than he intended. It would be one thing if he showed up out of shape for training camp, but it’s May and it’s not that big a deal for a pro athlete to shed 15-20 pounds over a summer, especially now that he’s been publicly shamed.

  7. There is a huge difference between dropping 40-50 pounds and being in top shape. It requires year-round work to have your body at a top pro-athlete level. Sweating off pounds is not what great athletes do. He should be building towards being a pro bowl level, but instead he takes the offseason off?

  8. Greasing for the greater good? If he can’t control his weight, then trade him or cut him.

  9. I fail to understand how these guys can’t at least try to stay in shape. It’s their job as a professional athlete to be able to perform at the top of their ability. You can’t do that when you’re out of shape all the time. If he keeps this up he won’t have to worry about being out of shape because he’ll be out of a job. Not to mention it’s not healthy to do that. Ever wonder why Jerry Rice was at the top of his game for so long? Because he worked hard at it, year round.

  10. 12coltsfan12 says:
    May 9, 2017 10:30 AM

    panthers are a total mess, just like last year.


    Says a Colt’s Fan. I like the Panthers chances this year and I know they have a better team then the Colts for the next couple of years.

  11. not a panthers fan but just let the guy play wr at 280 lol he could revolutionize the position injure corners catching a curl and knocking linebackers out on a slant then boom next play curtis samuel or mccafrey go all the way looking foward to see u guys play Carolina got a lot of weapons

  12. you could evend motion kevin benjamin to where mike Tolbert used to line up and pick up blitzs at 280 lol some of those small speed rushers will get pancaked in benjamin keeps his muscle mass up

  13. Last time I checked he’s not fast, has bad hands for a #1 WR and runs so so routes…and now instead of improving on these he can spend his time losing weight.

    So basically #1 QB & WR are on the shelve until at least the beginning of camp…should be crisp this year.

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