FOX hires Tony Gonzalez

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After future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez left CBS, he said he hoped to find a broadcasting job in the Los Angeles area. He has.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, FOX has hired Gonzalez. He’ll appear on FOX NFL Kickoff, the pre-pregame show that airs from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET.

Gonzalez spent three seasons with CBS. Phil Simms crash landed in the seat after being booted from the broadcast booth for Tony Romo.

In theory, Gonzalez could eventually graduate to the official pregame show, depending on when/if more tenured members of the desk like Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson decide to move on. Likewise, Michael Strahan eventually could decide to ditch the cross-country travel in light of his position at Good Morning America.

10 responses to “FOX hires Tony Gonzalez

  1. He was so epically bad on TV WHY would Fox hire him? He did us all a favor by leaving CBS on his own. The guy is absolutely brutal. There aren;t any other former NFL players living in LA they could have hired instead?

    Shame on Fox. Just trying to collect talking heads who have HOF jackets is pathetic, this guy is unwatchable.

  2. Gonzalez is network gold; he’s good TV, has the career credibility, knowledgeable, articulate. He got the job on genuine merit compared to guttural illiterates (thank you Howard Cossell) like Bart Scott Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp.

  3. Good for Tony. He’s a well-spoken and very smart guy with good analysis. He certainly has the background and credentials as a sure-fire first ballot hall of famer to satisfy the critics

  4. All of the pregame shows are unwatchable. And don’t think for a second that Strahan is going to turn down a paycheck, we could be so lucky!

  5. Total homer. He hates on his old divisional rivals. Cant get over losing to them on a yearly basis I guess. Im just glad I bought a Clearstream antenna for $80 so I can get the networks. Screw paying $100+ a month for cable.

  6. Okay, another retread gets hired.

    On a sad note, awful news about Chris Berman’s wife. she was killed in an auto accident.

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