Chris Ballard: Andrew Luck is special, but it can’t just be about him

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Before Chris Ballard became the Colts’ General Manager, he admired quarterback Andrew Luck from a distance and things haven’t changed with his new proximity.

Ballard said it is “really special” to see how much Luck cares about his teammates and the team’s success, something that waned over the last two years under former G.M. Ryan Grigson. Even in the first three years when the Colts were making the playoffs, Grigson was criticized for not finding the right talent to complement the quarterback and Ballard said that he’s committed to changing that.

“Everybody knows how hard that position is to find,” Ballard said, via Albert Breer of “When you have a guy with special talent at the position and he’s got special character on top of it, that’s a pretty good thing. But the one big thing I’ve made a point of here, it’s not just Andrew. We’ve got to have the best 53-man roster, and that includes Andrew. That’s how we’ll help him, by making the roster around him better both offensively and defensively. That’s what we’re gonna do. It can’t be just about Andrew.”

Ballard identified the defensive front seven as a place in need of improvement and went with a volume approach to addressing it by signing Johnathan Hankins, Jabaal Sheard, John Simon, Sean Spence, Barkavious Mingo, Al Woods and Margus Hunt as free agents before drafting three more players in the front seven. If that group can gel over the next few months, the Colts should be putting a better defense on the field than they’ve had the last couple of years and that would make for an encouraging start to Ballard’s run in Indy.

17 responses to “Chris Ballard: Andrew Luck is special, but it can’t just be about him

  1. So Ballard is saying they need to improve the defense? This is so complicated it’s no wonder Grigson could never figure it out.

  2. They were on the rise before they started the whole deflategate debacle with the Ravens. Right or wrong, it was a bad turning point for them.

  3. Luck seems to draw a lot of the blame for the the Colts’ 8-8 record the last 2 seasons. I think that now that Grigson (can’t stop the run and can’t keep Luck upright, so let’s select a wide receiver with our first pick) is gone the team will go about filling their weaknesses and capitalizing on their strengths. If Luck does not have to carry the team, sometimes forcing a throw in the process, the ints will drop.

  4. They should have fired Pagano along with Grigson. The man should never have been a head coach.

  5. Colts are a disaster. Peyton Manning really helped that franchise overcome so much incompetence. Andrew Luck is talented but so far he’s sinking with the Colts. Let’s hope he can salvage his career.

  6. If he is consistently rushed to make plays and has to play catch-up all the time then he won’t feel the need to force things.

    The only glimmer in Grigson’s brutal tenure was getting served up a great QB talent on a silver platter and he managed to waste the first third of this guy’s career by drunk drafting.

    Up to you to fix this Ballard. Luck’s legacy is make or break with your performance.

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