Former Browns, Ravens WR Michael Jackson killed in motorcycle accident

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Former NFL wide receiver Michael Jackson was killed in a motorcycle accident in Tangipahoa, Louisiana on Friday morning.

Jackson was 48 and spent eight years in the NFL. He entered the league as a sixth-round choice of the Browns in 1991 and remained part of the team through their move to Baltimore before the 1996 season.

“One of my most rewarding achievements after retiring as a player was watching Michael Jackson develop as a wide receiver,” Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome said in a statement. “When I joined the Cleveland Browns’ scouting department, my first opportunity to work out receivers involved Michael in that group. I evaluated probably a half-dozen guys, but Michael was the one who stood out to me because of his speed and range. He then became a sixth-round pick of the Browns, and I watched him evolve into an impactful receiver throughout his career in Cleveland and Baltimore. Today, our hearts are saddened by the awful news involving Michael. He was a vibrant person who became one of the first Ravens heroes and a popular player among Baltimore fans. Well known for his big smile and welcoming nature, it was easy to feel a special connection with Michael.”

Jackson had 76 catches for 1,201 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns in the Ravens’ first season, setting a single-season mark for receiving yards that has not been topped by any other Baltimore receiver. Jackson went on to become the mayor of Tangipahoa, his hometown, after retiring from the NFL.

Our condolences go out to Jackson’s friends and family for their loss.

16 responses to “Former Browns, Ravens WR Michael Jackson killed in motorcycle accident

  1. Remember watching him in the Wild-Card Round game at Cleveland Stadium versus New England when Belicheck was Cle Coach. This must have been 1994.

  2. RIP Michael Jackson.

    Great Memories of him at Memorial Stadium with Vinny dropping bombs for he and derek alexander. Team stunk but may have been the best Ravens Passing attack ever. Even better was going home to watch NFL Primetime and listen to Boomer go HE-HE everytime he mentioned M jackson making a catch.

    He IS the best receiver Ozzzie ever drafted.

  3. I believe he caught Bernie Kosar’s last pass as a Cleveland Brown. Those Cleveland teams of the early 1990s were tough to watch, and Jackson’s fine play was one of the few highlights. By all accounts, he was a fine person, and I’m so sorry to hear of this tragic event.

  4. He was a good guy, got to meet him once in Cleveland. Really sad that both he and the driver of the car in the accident died.

  5. Condolences to the family

    I will always remember this guy because whenever his highlights aired on SportsCenter or the NFL post game shows on ESPN I saw as a kid. Chris Berman would say his name always followed with a “Hee Hee” paying homage to musician Micheal Jackson.

  6. He killed AN INNOCENT PERSON because he was speeding. This lionization of pro athletes is about nauseating.

  7. RIP Mr. Jackson-Dyson. You were one of my favorite Browns. I will always remember the play that Bernie drew up in the sand and you were wide open for the game winning touchdown then Belichick benched Bernie for it and soon released him for “diminishing skills”. There was not a defender within 15 yards of you on that TD. Definitely a sad day.

  8. Excessive speeding on his motorcycle at 1am in the morning. 20 year old woman backing out of her driveway gets plowed into on the drivers side. Both dead. This is a tragic situation that should and could have been prevented. RIP to Michael and the young lady who died innocently.

    This kind of stuff has to stop happening.

  9. All the keyboard warriors acting all gung ho over him killing a 20 year old might also want to ask what exactly was this 20 year old backing into both lanes of a road at 1am for AND was unable to hear and see a FREAKING MOTORCYCLE! Most motorcycles can be heard a mile away and unless he didn’t have a headlight, they can also be seen pretty clearly at night. Woman was more than likely drunk or high. Yeah I said it.

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