Bill O’Brien doing more with Texans offense this offseason

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The Texans didn’t hire a new offensive coordinator after parting ways with George Godsey after the 2016 season, leaving head coach Bill O’Brien to call plays.

That’s nothing new for O’Brien as he took on some of those responsibilities last year and has done it often in the past, but it has left him with a different role this offseason. O’Brien said that he’s doing more on a day-to-day basis than he’s done in his previous years with the team.

“I’ve been probably doing more coaching myself in the last four or five weeks than I’ve done in the three years that I’ve been here,” O’Brien said, via “I’m really involved in the offense, and I’m having a lot of fun.”

Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson said O’Brien has been “hands-on” in their early work together, something that wouldn’t be that surprising even if the Texans did have an offensive coordinator. O’Brien’s biggest stumbling block since becoming the Texans’ coach has been the play of the team’s quarterbacks and, by extension, the overall offense. If O’Brien doesn’t turn that around, there’s little reason to think the Texans’ results will be any better in 2017.

10 responses to “Bill O’Brien doing more with Texans offense this offseason

  1. His offense has too many plays, especially for young guys. He must think he still has Brady at qb.

  2. Can’t fault him for it. For the past two seasons he’s been asked to make chicken salad out of chicken bleep at the QB position. Since O’Brien and not Smith is the one being judged by the results it stands to reason he’d want to make it himself.

  3. Considering the success the Texans have had with Hoyer and Osweiler as their QBs, this should be viewed as a good thing.

    That dope GM, Smith, signed Osweiler to that deal last year without letting O’Brien even meet him!

  4. Everyone claims this guy is an offensive guru but he can’t manage to find a QB to perform. His system is extremely complicated and wordy with play calls. Maybe he needs to adapt and realize he doesn’t have Brady in the huddle.

    Gruden was the same way.

  5. “And this give Houston fans confidence?”

    It should – he was very successful as OC for the Patriots. He may be like Josh McDaniels, a better OC than HC. I would say give it a chance.

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