Falcons bring back backup quarterback Matt Simms

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Matt Simms is heading back to Atlanta.

Simms, a quarterback who spent the last two years on the Falcons’ practice squad, signed with the team again today.

The son of the recently demoted CBS analyst Phil Simms and brother of former NFL backup quarterback Chris Simms, Matt played his college football at Tennessee and has spent time with the Jets and Bills. His college career may be best remembered for criticism from ESPN analyst Desmond Howard that led to Phil Simms allegedly threatening to punch Howard.

To make room on the roster for Matt Simms, the Falcons cut Garrett Scantling, a former Georgia track star who hasn’t played football since high school but had been working out with the Falcons for the last month.

4 responses to “Falcons bring back backup quarterback Matt Simms

  1. Honestly, not throwing any shade against Phil or Chris Simms, I didn’t even know there was a third Simms! That kid’s college career must have been during the extremely lean years Tennessee had recently which is why no one has ever heard about him.


  2. Both of Phil’s sons are living off what their dad did. Neither one of them can play QB very well and are not good enough to play in the NFL.

  3. Ahh… makes sense now. I had forgotten about Phil Simms threatening Desmond Howard. Yeah, little things like threats of physical violence in the workplace for one exercising their inalienable right to free speech can have the effect of your employer showing you where the exit is. Anyone of us would have realized that. He landed on his feet fairly nicely.

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