Two men arrested after robbing Patrick Mahomes

Getty Images

Chiefs first-round rookie Patrick Mahomes was robbed on Friday, but he was unharmed and police were able to track the suspects down quickly and return his stolen property.

CBS 19 in Mahomes’ hometown of Tyler, Texas reports that Mahomes and three other people had just exited a vehicle outside a home when they were approached by two men. One of the men gestured as if he had a gun in his waistband and demanded property. Mahomes and his companions handed over what was demanded and the two men fled.

Police were called, the men and their vehicle were described, and deputies quickly saw a vehicle and suspects matching the description. The vehicle was pulled over and the stolen property was inside.

Two men, 34-year-old Michael Blake Pinkerton and 58-year-old Billy Ray Johnson, were transported to the Smith County Jail.