Panthers want to curtail Thomas Davis’ playing time this season

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Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis hasn’t come off the field much the last two seasons.

Davis played 91 percent of the team’s defensive snaps during the 2015 season and saw that number go up to 94 percent last year as the veteran remained a vital part of the unit. Davis is set to remain a major piece of the puzzle in Carolina, but the team would like to have him on the field less over the course of this season.

Defensive coordinator Steve Wilks said Monday that the team would like to see 2015 first-round pick Shaq Thompson take some of Davis’ snaps in order to reduce the impact of the “wear and tear” that Davis’ body undergoes each year.

“With Thomas Davis getting up there in age and years, we’ve got to cut down on his reps,” Wilks said, via the team’s website. “So there will be times where Shaq is going to be in, and we’re going to try to relieve Thomas to give him some rest.”

Finding more playing time for Thompson is an understandable goal as he’s played less than half the snaps in each of his first two seasons, but taking Davis off the field may be easier said than done if he’s playing well come the fall. That’s been the case for most of his time in Carolina, so it will bear watching to see if May’s hope becomes reality later this year.

9 responses to “Panthers want to curtail Thomas Davis’ playing time this season

  1. Dude is a warrior, my favorite player in the NFL. Grab an encyclopedia and lookup football player and you will find this mans picture. Not many left like him.

  2. Limit his playing time…that way it will be less likely he will be suspended for leading with the crown of his helmet, spearing or targeting

  3. I don’t care who doesn’t like it.
    Thomas Davis is the #1 NFL defender (offender)
    Re: leading with the crown, spearing,targeting.
    Don’t believe me?
    Check the tape.
    Check the NFL records for how many times he’s been fined…
    THEN look at the hits that caused the fines…
    ALL of them with the crown
    And those are only the ones they FLAGGED!

  4. TD splattering Tony Romo’s ass into the carpet on Thanksgiving day will always be one of my favorite memories.
    Davis is the only man to recover from 3 ACL tears and go on to make the Pro Bowl and play at a high level. Dude is dynamite.

  5. Nice problem to have. Two good LBs for the position. The hardest part will be convincing Davis that he needs a break now and then.

  6. TD is still a beast. I like the idea of Shaq playing more, but only if his pass coverage continues to improve. TD is very underrated in that area.

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