Bud Grant’s final garage sale may not be his last one

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Hall of Fame Vikings coach Bud Grant is holding what has been described widely as his last garage sale. Appearing on Thursday’s PFT Live, Grant said it’s definitely his last garage sale — until his next one.

Grant made it clear that there still could be another garage sale. Which makes sense, given the response to Grant’s latest event. Hundreds showed up on late Wednesday afternoon and evening in the rain, on the first day of the three-day event.

While Grant started the garage sale as a way to move merchandise from years of his career in football, this year’s sale features new limited-edition bobblehead dolls. And future sales could have other things not from Grant’s closets or basement or attic, possibly with Grant selecting items from outsiders who would essentially sell on consignment, with Grant getting a chunk of the revenue in return for supplying a large throng of customers. Grant didn’t say that, but it’s a logical extension of the event, if/when his personal stash of garage-salable items has been fully depleted.

As to Grant’s career as coach of the Vikings, a team he took to four Super Bowls, he provided a pragmatic response when asked to reflect on the biggest win of his career:  “Well, if you’re going to succeed in this business, you don’t live in the past.  If you win or lose, the next day you got to to move on.  And remember, football is entertainment.  It’s not life or death.  It may appear to be that for some people.  But it’s basically entertainment.  It’s like going to a show of any kind.  It’s over, it’s over, and you move on.  I don’t dwell or replay or have anything that would — I have no trophies up here, I have no trophy room.  Nothing that stands out as a signature game or a signature win or loss.  You kind of move on.”

Move on he has, with more than 30 years of active retirement since leaving the Vikings for a second time, after a one-year return to the team following a disastrous 3-13 season under Les Steckel. In Grant’s wake is a career that still has him being the winningest coach in Vikings history, a four-time Grey Cup winner as a CFL coach, a former CFL player, a former NFL player, a former NBA player (with the Minneapolis Lakers), and a three-sport athlete at the University of Minnesota.

In two days, Grant turns 90, and he’s blessed with a large family that remains actively involved with him, and with his latest garage sale. Here’s hoping it really won’t be his last.

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  1. The Last Garage Sale, starring Bud Grant (as himself) was so well received by the audience, the producers have decided to leave room for a possible sequel.

  2. This guy is one cool mothereffer.

    He also has high character, as he was one to back BB on Spygate, along with other former great NFL coaches like Chuck Knox, Bill Parcells, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher.

  3. I always liked that Grant kept the perspective described in this article. He’s always been a first-class person who understood his role as a head coach and the team’s leader. Here’s hoping for many more “final” garage sales.

  4. I love Bud Grant. Been to 2 of his garage sales and he is always willing to chat for a few minutes and take a couple of pictures. Awesome guy and I sure hope this isn’t his last garage sale.

  5. He deserves the same respect and attention given to Lombardi. His teams just couldn’t bring home the hardware. It wasn’t his fault.

  6. I stopped by yesterday and found the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy buried inside a box of duck calls. I thought Joe Kapp lost it in a poker game.

  7. Bud Grant’s comments help explain why Arizona chose Blaine Gabbert over Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers paid Kaepernick $11.9 million dollars to drive away fans in what is an entertainment medium. Imagine Tom Cruise disrespecting America before release of “The Mummy”.

  8. Who else remembers John Belushi’s portrayal of Bud Grant on SNL? It was, not surprisingly, fabulous.

  9. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions. The first time around 25 years ago and the last time about a year ago. A joy to chat with. Incredibly humble when you consider the list of accomplishments mentioned in the article. I only wish today’s athletes were more like him.

  10. dawoger says:
    May 18, 2017 4:15 PM

    It’s got to be a bitter point for the Barneys to accept knowing that Bud is a WI native.

    Like most people who move from Wisconsin to Minnesota, Bud never left.

  11. The Phantom Stranger says: Like most people who move from Wisconsin to minisoda, Bud never left.


    That’s due to the state of MN granting them tax free citizenship to help replenish the depleted gene pool.

  12. If lombardi had garage sales today, he’d have no issues selling his ‘Skins memorabilia.

  13. Bud Grant could be on hoarders he has so much stuff to unpack every year in order for the next annual garage sale. He has fun stuff though. I’m sure it is also nice to live out your twilight years with people who still regard you in high praise and want to spend time reminiscing.

  14. filthymcnasty3 says:
    May 18, 2017 7:22 PM

    If he had been “fatter”, he’d have a ring.

    Like Mike McCarthy.
    You’re welcome.

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