Tyrod Taylor plans to “take it to the next level”

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As the Buffalo Bills continue to ponder whether quarterback Tyrod Taylor is the player who can take the team to the next level, Taylor hopes to show that he personally can accomplish that goal.

“I definitely think I can take it to the next level,” Taylor told reporters on Thursday, “it’s something that I’ve focused on throughout this offseason, which is to continue to keep digesting the offense and trying to be better at it each day. Like I said, this offense allows us to spread the ball around, allows me to get on the edge with the keepers, and matching up with the run game that we’re doing. I’m excited about the week that we’ve had thus far, just got to continue to keep building throughout OTA’s and minicamp moving into training camp.”

Taylor is re-learning an offense that the Ravens used when Taylor served as a backup to Joe Flacco. Taylor fits the offense well enough that, two years ago, then-Broncos offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and then-head coach Gary Kubiak wanted Taylor, who chose the Bills instead.

“[W]hen me and Coach Dennison were together, my reps, as far as actually starting and playing in the NFL were very few, so he’s had time to watch me for two years and try to build something around that, as well as me adjusting to his system. Like I said, just the reps that I’m getting here [are] definitely key to my success and I’m taking each one very seriously, even the ones that I’m not on the field, just trying to better myself as a whole, as a player, and being a better teammate and leader and everything.”

While most teams either have a franchise quarterback or are looking for one, the Bills have a guy who could become one. This is the year that it could happen, in theory, for Taylor and the Bills.

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  1. Learning the offense is the easy part. Trying to figure out what the defense is doing, and getting the ball into the end zone is the hard part.

  2. So he is going to take it to the first floor?

    What a fraud – just another running back who thinks he can throw – unimpressive and zero leadership skills.

  3. Choosing a jersey number in honor of Tom Brady’s championships was a good start.

  4. Saying it doesn’t make it happen. Like the above post, his next level is mediocre followed by average.

  5. The next level being “competent starter” as opposed to “guy we’re stuck with due to bad decisions”
    Rock on…

  6. Tyrod never gets his due! Would love to see him play in an offense with consistent receivers for a year

  7. Did you know that, among quarterbacks who’ve played at least 20 games the past two seasons, he ranks fourth in touchdown/interception ratio, seventh in Total QBR and 11th in yards per attempt and has the third-fewest interceptions? No, I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

  8. Quoting statistics which are inflated due to playing against prevent defenses does not make him a good QB. Actually taking control of the game right from the beginning and winning games would make him a good QB.

  9. I believe him. As a bills fan, I was disappointed with the lack of progress and growth last season and while he had a knack for coming out with a strong opening drive – many of which resulted in TDs – the main knock on tyrod was that he could not produce when it really mattered, in the 4th quarter. And considering the vast majority of bills games were decided by a single score, this was the difference between them and – for example – last seasons Derek Carr who took the next step by finding ways to win in the 4th quarter of very close games.

    So with a few games left in the season, Tyrod has a completely healthy Watkins and Woods for the first time all season and he FINALLY pulls off the 4th quarter comeback and his first 300+ yard game. Coincidence? Having your top 2 receivers available just might be a difference maker

    Back to the Raiders example. Derek Carr had his top 3 receivers available throughout training camp , pre season and regular season. That’s one big reason he took the next step

    No QB is going to become a star in their 3rd season if they have yet to have ANY continuity at the receiver position.

    If anything, what tyrod was able to do on his own when he was literally down to his #4 and #5 receivers was a minor miracle

    I really hope Sammy Watkins and Zay jones can stay healthy enough to play through the majority of the season cause if they do, tyrods improvement is one of the safest bets you can make (now too bad Sammy is never healthy)

  10. I’m very interested to see if Nathan Peterman wins the no.2 job behind Taylor. Unlike Taylor’s first two seasons with the team (Cassel, Manuel) he may have a guy behind him the fans are interested in seeing.

    That also might be the motivation Taylor needs to finally take the step we have been waiting to see.

  11. Tyrod Taylor can lead a playoff calibre offense. He did it last year. If the Bills don’t make the playoffs this season, it will be due to them not being able to field a somewhat capeable defense.

  12. icecreamtruck2 says:
    May 18, 2017 10:33 PM
    Did you know that, among quarterbacks who’ve played at least 20 games the past two seasons, he ranks fourth in touchdown/interception ratio, seventh in Total QBR and 11th in yards per attempt and has the third-fewest interceptions? No, I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

    Ok stat guy, what’s that other stat? Oh yeah winning, what’s his stat on winning?

  13. I remember the same type of things being said about EJ Manuel, and look how that worked out for the Bills.

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