Cardinals strike deal with fourth-rounder Dorian Johnson


The Cardinals wrapped up the week by getting another draft pick under contract.

Fourth-round guard Dorian Johnson has agreed to a four-year deal with the team. First-round linebacker Haason Reddick and second-round safety Budda Baker are the only players from the draft class left without contracts.

Johnson lingered on the draft board a bit longer than some expected and his agent revealed a liver condition that Johnson has had since birth played a role in that drop. Johnson has never had his play affected by it, however, and said he doesn’t expect it to be an issue in the future.

Johnson started 42 games at Pitt, which supports the notion that it wasn’t an issue and he could find himself in the mix for playing time immediately at right guard if all goes well this offseason.

7 responses to “Cardinals strike deal with fourth-rounder Dorian Johnson

  1. The Cardinals wrapped up the week by getting another draft pick under contract.

    Wrapped up the week? There is no such thing as a work “week.” The NFL is 24/7/365

    When you’re dropping the brown doggies off at the porcelain pound at 4:28AM the NFL is at work.

    There is no time off for anyone.

  2. If only Wayne Fontes had tried as hard as Steve Keim, those 1990s Lions teams could’ve been something! And if Donald Drunpf had half the brains of either Keim or Fontes, the USFL might still exist!

  3. Lol…at this time last year, kam tried to assure us that Thomas Rawls was better than David Johnson. Now Rawls isn’t even the starter anymore.

  4. Looking forward to watching Dorian contribute to this evolving OL… This is going to be an interesting years for the Cards.

  5. LOL…and if Keim were half as good as Schneider, the Cards would have won a Super Bowl by now. Good luck with your individual awards while the Seahawks win the division yet again.

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