Report: Matt Jones on the way out in Washington

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Washington running back Matt Jones is skipping Organized Team Activities, and it appears he may never be back at the team’s practice facility again.

The Washington Post reports that members of the coaching staff told Jones he’s no longer in the team’s plans and is waiting for either a trade or, more likely, his release.

Jones started the first seven games of 2016 and ran for 460 yards on 99 carries, but after Rob Kelley became the lead back in the second half of the season and Washington drafted Samaje Perine, there may be no room for Jones.

It’s unclear whether Jones will still be on the roster when Washington’s minicamp opens on June 13. That workout is mandatory, so if he’s still on the team then he’ll presumably be there.

25 responses to “Report: Matt Jones on the way out in Washington

  1. The problem with Matt Jones was never talent. He could have been a good player if he had played to his strengths, but wanted to play like Le’Veon Bell with his whole “tiptoe to the line routine”. Unfortunately Jones doesn’t have one eighth Bell’s talent.

    If Jones had tried to emulate Marshawn Lynch instead, he might have succeeded in the League. Hopefully he gets his act together before its too late.

  2. He has showed over and over that he’s not playing because he loves the game. I hope this serves as a wake up call for him but how many teams are willing to make him there 3rd String RB?

  3. He’s a fumbler. Even if he wasn’t, he’s so hesitant to hit the hole. He’s a big bruiser, but he tries to run like a skat back. Wasted potential.

  4. Physically he looked fantastic, but the dude was about the softest RB I’ve ever seen in watching the NFL for over 40 years. And then there’s the fumbles…

  5. As a close friend of Matt’s his hernia is costing him everything. He also has split personality. When he’s Claudia he always fumbles because of fear of broken nails. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  6. This guy is in for a rude awakening if the Redskins cut him, he should be doing everything in his power to improve his game and make his team happy. Average ability malcontents dont last long in the NFL. He has a better chance getting a ‘paper or plastic’ type job than he will becoming a starting running back again.

  7. Last year at this time he was the next Marshawn Lynch and now they can’t get rid of him fast enough.

    Not saying that he is any good just saying this organization is still and always will be a complete disaster until they get a new owner. As a Giant fan I love it.

  8. He was never in. What a combine warrior.

    Size means nothing!

    He never started a game in college!

    Was so tired of seeing his passive rear end on the field!

  9. We kept this bum and got rid of Alf who the hardest working, highest charecter guy on the team avg almost 1200 per season asking for a only a measly 1.5 mil

  10. Jones suffered from fumbles and not playing to his size, no surprise here.

    For those who blame him for AlfMo not being retained, you need to know that in 2015 the Skins switched from a zone run game to a power run game, and AlfMo was always a 1 dimensional, 1-cut back for a zone scheme. He had bad hands and didn’t block great either, so he was useless on 3rd downs.

    I love AlfMo, he was of the highest quality in the locker room and all, but he fell out of favor for a reason.

  11. He averaged 4.6 ypc. You wouldn’t know it by the comment section.

    Rob Kelley is good though, he doesn’t fumble and runs into the ground after 2 yards. Amazing what makes Redskins fans happy.

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