Russell Wilson disputes notion of Super Bowl hangover, locker-room discord


Nanobubbles apparently go a long way toward curing hangovers.

With both an ESPN The Magazine article and comments from Warren Moon of the Seahawks Radio Network underscoring the existence of a lingering inability of the Seattle franchise to get past the stunning outcome to Super Bowl XLIX, quarterback Russell Wilson disputed on Friday the existence of any lasting problems.

“I think if it’s hanging, we wouldn’t be as far as we’ve gotten,” Wilson (pictured with Moon on Friday) told reporters. “I think we’ve been too good the past two years since.”

Wilson nevertheless acknowledged the possibility that not everyone got over the Super Bowl loss as quickly as he did, but he dismissed the notion that destructive tension exists between offense and defense.

“We play a hard-hitting game, there’s always tension,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t think it’s a negative tension. I think it’s when you love something and you’re passionate about what you do every day, we come out here to win. And we’re all different, we all have different things. But we’re all at the same accord, the same. And that’s complete competitors, ultimate competitors. Winners, guys who want to win, the whole thing. And we look forward to that. And we’re never going to shy away from it. We push each other in the most positive way possible.”

As to the question of division in the locker room, Wilson was similarly dismissive, albeit somewhat more equivocal.

“I wouldn’t say it’s divided,” Wilson said. “I don’t know that. From my perspective, I believe that we’re a team that’s been in the playoffs, we’re a team that keeps winning. I don’t think teams do that if they’re truly divided. . . . We’re better together, that’s for sure. And we believe in one another. I believe in every single person I get to play with, every time.”

As to the item from last week that sparked renewed talk of locker-room dysfunction, Wilson said that he “didn’t really read the article,” and that he “just heard about it.” Regardless of whether that’s the truth, we’re all going to be hearing more and more about the article and its implications if Wilson or any of his teammates deviate from saying or doing all the right things for the benefit of the microphones and cameras.

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  1. Wilson got over the loss because he blamed the INT on his receiver immediately when he went to the sideline.

    The defense lost their collective mind on the next play when they jumped offsides on the next play. Then they proceeded to start several fights, which put the game out of reach.

    Against ANY other team, pass would have been the right call. NE knew it was coming and had prepared for it. An undrafted rookie immediately recognized the play.

    The 12th man has left the building and has boarded the fastest bandwagon out of town. Seattle’s “dynasty” ended after one year.

  2. If you still make to the playoffs two straight years after the SB loss, and win at least one playoff game, not sure it can be that bad.

  3. Factions always form whenever things go wrong on a team. It’s a function of the blame game. The challenge for any coach is to keep it together when that happens. This will be a test for that team.

  4. Go Hawks. Blessed to have 1 ring. Sucks more to not have 1.. And you know who you are. In fact I am going to watch Superbowl 48 again for the 1000 th time

  5. The Shehawks will be relevant every year they have Russell Wilson. There are a lot of teams that wish they could say that.

  6. Sherman’s famous INT reaction gets even more interesting if you consider it might be a reaction to the decision to throw, and not the outcome. The only QB I remember him shaking hands with afterwards was Brady.

  7. Before Coach Carrol et. al, the Seahawks were on again/off again competitive, with more off than on. Since his arrival, the team has been relevant and competitive each and every season. It will be so again this year and into the near future, it appears. As a fan of the team since its beginning, I tell you all, this has been a great run and one I very much appreciate.

  8. Whoever thinks a locker-room is a place where the players hold hands and sing Kumbaya, My Lord. they have never played an organized sport! There are fights, arguments and there are players that don’t even speak to each other after practice. I played WR and DB in high school and college and when we didn’t score enough we blamed the defense and when we scored a lot and the defense gave up more than we scored we blamed the defense. There were fights and arguments, it’s like best friends that argument and fight, it’s life.

  9. Maybe they are hungover from still drinking the tears of us Packers fans.

  10. Wilson was arguably the luckiest player in NFL history until that INT. Just look at the tape:

    The Fail Mary, his final TD pass in the 2013 NFCCG, that crazy two point conversion in the 2014 NFCCG, two deep jump balls to Chris Matthews and the Kearse catch (those 3 plays accounted for half of his passing yards in SB49). He used up an entire career’s worth of luck in three seasons.

    Well, not quite. You can also count that missed 28 yard FG that gifted him another playoff win.

  11. Its like someone looking in the locker room door and seeing the entire team dancing, and when they ask why everyone’s dancing Wilson responded “What are you talking about, no one’s dancing in here!”

  12. Wilson – “I think we’ve been too good the past two years since.”
    So good in fact that we finished weeks before some teams did.

  13. Wison is getting too much preferential treatment. How can a team with that much firepower barley win a 6-3 game last year. For the kind of money the offense is making, they should have goals of 400 yards, or 40 points per game. Anything less is under performing. Same goes whether is Offensive Coordinators, or offenses fault.

  14. Playoff wins in each of the past five seasons? There’s only two other teams in the league that have had as much or more success in that span. So, Hawks fans have it better than 29 other fan bases.

    To put it in perspective, they have 8 playoff wins in the past 5 years. In those same five seasons, the 49ers have won 38 regular season games, for an average of just under 8 wins per season.

  15. pantherpro says:
    Jun 2, 2017 10:38 PM

    Seagags your run is over! Didn’t know you even had an NFL team until ten years ago.

    Niners Empire

    You do realize that the Seahawks have been in the same division as the Niners for 15 years, right? NFC Champs in 2005. But you only heard of them 10 years ago? Typical for a Niner fan I guess.

  16. The D should shut up about that loss. If they keep thinking about it sooner or later even the 12’s will eventually realize it was the D getting taken to school in the 4th quarter that made the need for that td necessary. Without that ridiculous baubling circus catch by Kearse the story of that game would have been the defensive collapse and the 14 unanswered points the Pats hung on the legion of bust in the 4th. Trailing by 10 Brady completed 13 of 15 passes for 124 yards and two touchdowns but yeah it was all Carroll’s Bevell’s and Wilson’s fault they lost, lmao.

  17. speicher145 says:
    Jun 2, 2017 8:46 PM
    I respect Russell very much, however, still hate the Seahawks.

    -Packers fan


    Reading between the lines……….
    “I respect Russell”. Russell attended UW. No other reason.
    “Still hate the Seahawks”. They own you. No other reason.

  18. This team is going backwards and they don’t know it. Old Pete and Russell Wilson are doing their best efforts to spin it as skilled spin doctors, but the articles about internal problems are probably real.

  19. Stay focused Russell while all the nut job are, spitting venom, wailing and gnashing teeth.

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