Will Parks meant no harm posting video of Paxton Lynch miscues

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It’s been a rough week for Broncos defensive back Will Parks.

Several days ago, word emerged of a domestic violence charge from late March. Now, he’s scrambling to explain away an ill-advised social media post.

Parks published video of a pair of bad throws from quarterback Paxton Lynch, who’s in an open competition with Trevor Siemian for the starting job in Denver. Parks told reporters on Monday that he intended to highlight his own progress, not to show off the struggles of Lynch.

Defensive linemen Derek Wolfe dubbed the controversy “fake news,” which makes no sense because Parks actually posted the video. (Then again, when does a shout of “fake news!” ever make sense?)

As to the misdemeanor charge of domestic violence, Parks said the “facts will come out.” If they come out in a way that suggests Parks violated the Personal Conduct Policy, he faces a baseline punishment of a six-game suspension — which the league can and will slide up or down if it see fit, possibly with no explanation at all (e.g., the Josh Brown case).

6 responses to “Will Parks meant no harm posting video of Paxton Lynch miscues

  1. A shout of fake news makes sense when a story is made up and fabricated with no facts.most fake news stories are designed to hurt a particular person. Apparently journalists no longer have to be accurate in their reporting at all. Fake news happens a lot in today’s media.

  2. Paxton Lynch will have a long and successful career.
    I had to laugh at the fake news comment. I guess if you don’t like something, you just call it fake news. And if you’re reporting fake news, you call it fair and balanced.

  3. When I look at those videos I see no way they could be showing any progress on Will Parks’ part. I simply see 2 really bad throws.

    I hope for his sake Will’s talents take him far because it sure doesn’t seem like his brains are going to.

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