Marshawn Lynch gets it done, in non-contact* practice

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Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch has authored multiple memorable plays in recent years, rumbling through a defense, fending off tacklers, and diving into the end zone while grabbing his ding ding.

Now in Oakland, Lynch recently generated a play that looks similar (absent the grabbing of the ding ding), if the play is viewed while squinting and acknowledging that multiple defenders opted not to aggressively attempt to stop Lynch from getting to the end zone.

The video, posted by Raiders coach Jack Del Rio, begins with Lynch already at the mouth of a gaping hole created by non-contact* block of unknown intensity. Lynch sprints through the opening. A defender with a clear angle on Lynch pulls up, and then another one dances in circles in lieu of trying to impede Lynch. As Lynch scores, two other defenders pursue half-heartedly from behind.

The lollygagging is likely indicative of non-contact* practice, but it makes the superficially impressive play less impressive. Performances like that will be far more impressive come September if: (1) Lynch sees gaping holes; (2) he can run past or through defenders at the second level; (3) he can run past or through defenders at the third level; and (4) he can fend off pursuing defenders who gain ground while he’s fending off other defenders.

7 responses to “Marshawn Lynch gets it done, in non-contact* practice

  1. Looks like my grandma trying to get a fresh loaf of French bread through the kitchen.

  2. My favorite RB’s coach once said….

    Everyone looks great in shorts and shells. If you don’t look great w/o pads and w/o contact, then how are you going to make it when the game turns physical late in the summer when camp opens?

  3. Expectations sure are high for a guy who wasn’t as good as Thomas Rawls in his last season and spent the last year sitting on his couch eating Skittles.

  4. So? Isn’t that situation identical for every running back? Why single Lynch out for your special insight?

  5. This brings a not-so-good sense of nostalgia for me. I can also remember when Rusty Hilger (who like Lynch wore the jersey number of a previous Raider great) looked good in these kind of drills but showed his (lack of) real worth when the regular season started.

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