Nick Fairley waiting on third opinion regarding heart condition

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Saints defensive tackle Nick Fairley has sought several doctors about whether he is able to continue playing football with a heart condition and he’s waiting for one of them to weigh in before deciding how to proceed.

On Thursday, Saints coach Sean Payton said, via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, that one doctor told Fairley that he should stop playing and that another gave “a little different” opinion. Fairley is now waiting for a third opinion before moving on to a determination about his future.

Payton also said that he’s guardedly optimistic about having Fairley back on the defensive line this season, but that he wants Fairley to be sure he’s fully confident that it is in his best interests to return to the field.

Fairley re-signed with the Saints on a four-year deal worth up to $28 million this offseason after playing well during his first year in New Orleans.

11 responses to “Nick Fairley waiting on third opinion regarding heart condition

  1. If two doctors tell me that it’s not safe to continue playing football due to my heart condition, I don’t look for a third opinion…I move on to my life’s work. I feel bad for the guy, but this is your heart, not your knee, dude.

  2. Sounds like he has 28 million reasons to keep looking for opinions -a lot of people risk their life at dangerous jobs for far, far less.

  3. Fly to Cleveland and visit the Cleveland Clinic. It has the number one cardiology department in the world and was ranked the second best hospital in the U.S. this part year. If you’re going to get a definitive answer get it there.

  4. Sounds exactly like the Reggie Lewis situation, and those of use old enough remember how that one turned out. Retire with what health you have left.

  5. Fat ass Farley and I called him for years should go on a diet and get on the tread mill, eat plenty of Kale and take vitamins and he will live 5 minutes longer than the bbq chickin and ribs diet

  6. Better that this caught up to you in an exam room rather than in between the lines, young man. A medical recommendation is probably one of the least terrible ways to prematurely end your career. There’s more to life than football. Count your money, your blessings, and enjoy your time with your family in good health.

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