New video sheds slightly more light on Ryan brothers brouhaha

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George Orwell was right, to an extent. Big Brother exists, but he is each of us, carrying around cameras and microphones that will capture images and words that can and will be used against us.

When it comes to former NFL coaches Rex and Rob Ryan, another video has emerged regarding the scuffle that has resulted in a 30-year-old Colorado man claiming that Rex committed simple assault. The video, obtained by TMZ, shows Matthew Havel sitting at a table with the Ryans and an unidentified man and woman inside a Nashville bar. Eventually, Havel says or does something that prompts Rex to say, if my lip reading skills are better than Marlee Matlin’s, “Hey why don’t you get the f–k out?”

Rex Ryan then picks up the Havel’s drink, pushes it toward him and apparently knocks the woman out of her chair. As she tries to recover, she bumps into Rex’s arm, causing the drink to spill while also creating the impression that Rex engaged in a very lame effort to throw Havel’s drink at him.

Rob, meanwhile, shoves Havel with his left arm while still sitting, and also gives the other man (sitting to Rob’s left) a shove.

The new video most likely precedes the video that emerged over the weekend. The question becomes whether more videos are available at different junctures of the altercation.

At some point, the question becomes whether any of this troubles Rex’s new employer, ESPN, which may not be thrilled with the notion of Rex coming through the door with a vague cloud of potential criminal responsibility and, regardless of the outcome of the case, an unforced-error of a controversy that does little to alter Rex’s reputation as a gratuitous and undisciplined hot head.

26 responses to “New video sheds slightly more light on Ryan brothers brouhaha

  1. Memo to celebrities: your wingman/fall guy/designated driver now needs to add a new role – camera man.

    Nothing stops the jerks who start fights hoping to get an out-of-court settlement faster than being in a video they are not making themselves.

  2. Sounds like any regular night and any sports bar. In other words THIS ISN’T A STORY.

    Just because these clowns are “famous” doesn’t mean what they did is worthy of filing a police report. Mr. Havel’s parents are embarrassed for and about him no doubt for being such a snowflake.

  3. He’s Republican and employed by that liberal bastion Disney – he’s gone. Maybe they’ll offer his job to James Comey

  4. The Ryan brothers may be hotheads, but in this video it looks like those people at the table are talking amongst themselves and the Ryan’s are ignoring them at first. My guess is they spotted the Ryan’s at the bar, and invited themselves over to their table. They probably made some sort of joke a the Ryan’s expense and Rex got fed up.

  5. Appropriate that the guy was singing “Coward of the County” at the time…assault? Come on bro…

  6. Before you hate, just make sure you refer to him as ‘2015 PRO BOWL MVP’ Matthew Stafford says:
    Jun 9, 2017 5:28 PM
    Alcohol and good decisions rarely co-exist
    The Pro Bowl isn’t a real game.

  7. Thank goodness I am an old fart. Raised many years ago. If that is called assault by you millennial “snowflakes”( I believe that is the current cutesy phrase) then I am Charles Manson. He touched him. Probably said a bad word or at least said a word in a bad way.Worse yet, hurt his feelings. What a bully. That’s another of your favorites. Isn’t it. No wonder when young people nowadays feel like somebody has been mean to them or they didn’t turn out as “special” as mommy told them they decide to go out and shoot a bunch of strangers. Jeez. Full disclosure, NOT a Ryan family fan, so that has nothing to do with it.

  8. Ryan Bros. should ask “what would Joey Votto do?”. Then they wouldn’t be in this predicament.

  9. Not a Ryan fan here, but geez, if that’s assault then we should close up America and turn the keys over to the journalists and the lawyers. At worst, that’s a misunderstanding that was squashed before anything really happened.

  10. Semi-celebrity type people can’t even go out and enjoy a drink at a bar without some shmuck attempting to cash in on their celebrity… ridiculous.

  11. It’s not about snowflakes and millennials. It’s about lawyers and money. If the perpetrator of the “shove” has money, then a lawyer will claim it was assault and battery.

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