Could a team of available free agents beat the Jets, Browns?

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Tuesday’s PFT Live included a look at the free agents still available to be signed by anyone inclined to do so. And there are enough quality veterans available that, in theory, a team of current free agents could give some current NFL franchises a run for their money.

If you don’t believe that, check out the rosters of teams like the Browns and the Jets, and compare them to the free agents discussed during the segment.

And, yes, this is our way of getting you to watch the segment. Some of you don’t want to. You’re too busy to click the video. You aren’t interested in the 15-second message from our sponsors. You find my toupee distracting.

I nevertheless ask you to give it a try. And that’s as polite as I’m capable of being.

19 responses to “Could a team of available free agents beat the Jets, Browns?

  1. Sure, if there was a halfway decent quarterback out there. Is Fitzpatrick on a roster? Maybe Sanchez? Anyone I’m forgetting?

  2. Revis is done. Anyone who pays him is getting a mercenary without any killer instinct. Why bother?

  3. A team from the Lingerie Bowl could beat the Jets. The girls have a better coaching staff too.

    The Browns just don’t an NFL caliber QB on the roster, but the rest of their team got better.

  4. Judging by the headline, the “Free Agent All-Stars” two best players are Colin Kaepernick and Eric Decker.

    As the saying goes, “any given Sunday”, but if I had to put money on the games, I would pick the Jets and Browns over the free agents.

  5. Once again, I beat the drum for a team managed and coached by the media. Let them pick from the free agents, players snubbed in the draft, etc. Let the regular NFL teams play them on their bye week, and, when there is no team with a bye week, they can play my grandson’s peewee league team.

  6. Where’s the outcry for Eric Decker because he hasn’t been signed…….I’m offended.

  7. YES! and with Chip Kelly or Rob Ryan as the coach! Kaep as QB. Decker a WR. Revis at CB. Dancing with the Stars winner at RB and pick up scrap heap guys.

  8. …and if you paid all these vets the money they would demand because of years in the league and previous accomplishments, you’d still have a sub-par team with an over the top payroll. I could also put together a team of retired NFL players that would come back and whoop on your free agent team. What is the point in even talking about this? They are free agents for a reason >>>Declining performance and increasing salaries.

  9. Agreed with the above for salary.

    Most of these guys still feel theyre worth premium bucks. Look at Jason Peters. 35yo LT just signed an extension for top dollar.

    Guys never want to admit theyre losing something.

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