Dolphins helping players register to vote

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The Dolphins intend to have every player registered to vote by National Registration Day on Sept. 27.

Bill Wachtel and Martin Luther King III of the Drum Major Institute showed up at the Dolphins’ final day of minicamp Thursday to help register players. Wachtel, a longtime friend of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, and King have partnered with Ross’ RISE organization to encourage players to become voters.

“The Dolphins are well on their way to being the first professional ball team in American history to have a roster of fully registered voters, and this is just the beginning,” Wachtel said, via James Walker of ESPN.

The Dolphins already have registered 90 percent of the roster, Wachtel said.

“The hope is that translates into encouraging more people across our nation to get engaged and to vote,” said King, the son of the late civil rights activist. “Because a voteless people, as Dad said, is a powerless people.”

Registering and voting, though, remain two different things.

11 responses to “Dolphins helping players register to vote

  1. Wow its 2017 what does that say about a NFL player ? They do not vote ? Where is the intelligence in that ? Unbelievable!

  2. cougar69rt03 says:
    Jun 15, 2017 10:15 PM

    Wow its 2017 what does that say about a NFL player ? They do not vote ? Where is the intelligence in that ? Unbelievable!

    No offense intended, but about as much sense as those that think voting in a rigged system works!

    If anyone can breakdown the who/what the “Electoral College” is thne we can talk.

  3. Voting is a right. However you also have a duty to understand who and what you are voting for. You should understand and be able to articulate the positions of both sides and not just be a tool. It is sad and laughable when you hear someone who is being interviewed coming out of the polls say how important it is to vote, yet they don’t know who is Governor or Vice President .

  4. I imagine that a lack of voting from professional athletes can actually represent a true conflict in their minds and not apathy as many would assume. I would imagine many athletes would identify in terms of social issues with one party, but in terms of their very high tax bracket with the other party. As a social issue liberal/fiscal issue conservative – I struggle with these issues every voting cycle.

  5. Voting is as American as you can get. Good for the Dolphins! It still amazes that you would even see a negative comment about this. It is like telling a story about a Boy Scout helping a little old lady across the street and you morons come say how this slows the traffic down for the cars. America is full of Blamers, Scammers and Whiners! Social Media is the worst invention ever…

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