Pete Carroll is “really proud” of how Richard Sherman handled the media on Wednesday


On Wednesday, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman faced the media for the first time since a rocky offseason that saw him on the trading block.  On Thursday, coach Pete Carroll gave Sherman high marks for his performance.

“Are we over that?” Carroll told reporters regarding the ESPN The Magazine article that recently stirred up plenty of talk about dysfunction and resentment and the inability to get past a devastating loss in Super Bowl XLIX. “Yeah, we’re over that. I don’t think that in any way dictated the offseason or we wouldn’t base our offseason accomplishments based on that. I think [Sherman] spoke very well to the points and he answered your questions and did a really admirable job of making things clear to you guys.

“I think you should know where we stand right now. If you didn’t, and you were uncertain, I think you should know where we’re coming from. Sherm and I in particular have had an incredibly profitable, beneficial offseason getting ready. His mind is ready to go after it in a huge way this season coming up. His focus in these practices was excellent. What he added in all that, I couldn’t have been more happy. Him, Kam [Chancellor] and Earl [Thomas] coming back — those guys — you could really feel their factor in the locker room and on the field and it’s great to have those guys functioning at that level. I’m really proud of Sherm, the way he handled himself. I thought it was really well done.”

Whether it’s real or not, everyone is currently saying the right things in Seattle. The question becomes whether everything will be positive and upbeat privately, if/when the team encounters adversity during the regular season. If nothing else, Seth Wickersham’s article gives reporters good reason to think that there’s plenty of potentially juicy nuggets to dredge up — along with plenty of incentive to find them.

Unless the anonymous sources who spoke to Wickersham have a sudden epiphany or otherwise lose their ability to communicate, they’ll likely give in to the persistent efforts to get to the truth, if/when the team conceals it from the public eye. Like most teams do.

5 responses to “Pete Carroll is “really proud” of how Richard Sherman handled the media on Wednesday

  1. Just wait for their first loss, either by a mistake by Russell Wilson or a WR catching a TD pass over Sherman, then we will see the real personality of this club emerge.

  2. Sherman probably has it in his contract that coach Carroll has to kick his backside.

  3. Richard Sherman is a sharp guy and a good player.

    He really likes to talk though, and I mean a lot.

    At the end of the day, people who talk too much are trying to hide some minder deficiency.

  4. Carrol is a good coach, but this groveling is really disappointing and wearing thin.

    Individuals like Sherman are essentially children all their lives and unlikely to change, but can you imagine Belichick ever treating a player like a child in public?

    He would quietly move him for whatever the market allowed, say nothing negative to the press about him after the fact, and move on with a stronger team – problem solved. e. g. Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Jamie Collins, Chandler Jones, and others.

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