Kevin King used FaceTime to keep up while prohibited from Packers

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Kevin King used FaceTime sessions with Packers cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt to keep up while an NFL rule prohibited him from attending organized team activities. Whitt used a whiteboard in his office to show the second-round pick what his teammates were learning during the eight installation practices he missed.

King worked out in Oakland and stayed in his playbook until this week when the University of Washington’s finals ended, allowing him to practice.

I wanted to be here with everybody with the other guys going through OTAs and everything,” King said, via
Wes Hodkiewicz of the team website. “Of course, I want to be out there. The rules didn’t allow it. I did everything I could. I did my part.”

King worked primarily on fundamentals and conditioning during the three-day minicamp, with the Packers holding him out of team drills. His sessions with Whitt over FaceTime proved beneficial.

“Once I realized I could get an angle [on my phone] where he could see me on the board, it was just like being in my meeting room,” Whitt said. “He had his iPad so we could discuss things through the PowerPoints that way.”

8 responses to “Kevin King used FaceTime to keep up while prohibited from Packers

  1. another stupid example.. he is not at school he and others like him should be allowed to participate with his NFL employer

  2. He’ll need facetime to communicate with the wide receivers he’s covering because that’s how close he’ll be to them.

  3. Goodell should suspend him for a year just because he can.
    Make up some nonsense and call it for the players best interests.

  4. Michael Floyd wants to do the same thing, but he’s not sure if they have WiFi in the drunk tank.

  5. He is not the only Packer player to use FaceTime. I heard that is how Aaron Rodgers keeps up with Joe Jonas in LA while Aaron is in Green Bay. It doesn’t happen too often as McCarthy usually excuses Rodgers from Packer practices.

    I could care less as long as he can throw the rock.

  6. I could care less as long as he can throw the rock.
    I image that you mean you could NOT care less but you should so that the offense would not need the first few games of the season to get its timing down and who would not need the ‘its early’ excuse

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