Pressed for a 2017 prediction, Wade Phillips aims high

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The Rams had their annual all-access event on Thursday, where fans can plunk down an obscene amount of money to get up close and personal with current and former members of the organization. During the event, new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was pressed for his thoughts on how the 2017 edition of the team will fare.

We’re going to win every game and the Super Bowl,” Phillips eventually said, jokingly, via Aiden Gonzalez of

Said coach Sean McVay in response: “I can’t wait for that to be on Pro Football Talk.”

On Pro Football Talk it is, but we recognize that Phillips was simply having a little fun with the question. And we recognize that but for the gratuitous mention of PFT, the remark wouldn’t have even registered on our radar screen.

Register it did, which also provides a semi-plausible reason to remind you that Wade Phillips recently appeared on PFT Live to discuss among other things his new book, Son of Bum, and to drop in the code for the video.

4 responses to “Pressed for a 2017 prediction, Wade Phillips aims high

  1. You know what have been a story? If he said, in all seriousness, “You know, we’re not there. Frankly, we are actually just a bad team. I think we’re looking at 4-6 wins. Which, as you all know, is just good enough to get a late first round draft pick that will either be mediocre or a bust at best. Plus, since NFL fans have ZERO patience, we probably will reach for a player who doesn’t deserve to be drafted in the mid first round in an attempt to make a “splash”. I mean… we are probably 3 or 4 years out from any Super Bowl talk. Yeah. Yeah, that about sums it up.”

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