Before football, Larry Ogunjobi was so obese his parents feared he’d die

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Browns rookie defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi weighs in at 305 pounds — which is a whole lot less than he weighed when he first started playing football.

Ogunjobi was a 350-pound teenager whose main interests were video games and junk food when his parents made him play football in a desperate attempt to get him healthy.

“His parents were afraid he’d eat potato chips, play video games and die,” his high school football coach Tommy Norwood told the Chronicle-Telegram.

Intense high school football practices burned plenty of calories, and when Ogunjobi realized he had finally found a sport a guy his size could play, he became so devoted to offseason cardio workouts that he eventually got down to 237 pounds. Then he turned to lifting weights, and by the end of high school he had earned a college scholarship as a 267-pound defensive lineman. In college he took lifting even more seriously and turned himself into a chiseled 300-pounder.

“He lost all that weight and rebuilt it,” his college coach Brad Lambert said. “That’s what’s amazing about the story.”

Ogunjobi is now a dedicated, hard-working player, although he admits that he never would have taken up football if it hadn’t been forced upon him as a weight-loss activity in high school.

“I was only there because I had to be,” he said.

Now he’s in the NFL, where he wants to be.

12 responses to “Before football, Larry Ogunjobi was so obese his parents feared he’d die

  1. Great story and nice work by his parents. Other parents with fat kids could learn from this.

  2. The author is clearly serious about producing football related articles-thank you so much.
    Awesome, inspiring story.
    Best of luck in the NFL, young man. Keep up the hard work. You’re an inspiration to many.

  3. Millions of kids today are doing just what Larry Ogunjobi did. They sit and play video games for hours upon hours.
    I recently heard an expert speak on the rise of asthma in kids. He said his team did a study which clearly showed that the rise in asthma among kids is directly linked to their lack of exercise. He said their lungs fail to develop as they should as they grow because they are not getting enough exercise. He said if you want to get your kids off inhalers, get them off the couch and outside running around — and start them doing it at an early age.

  4. Still trying to figure out the mentality of purportedly grown adults and their fascination with making juvenile remarks about people and subjects that they have no real knowledge of. It takes all kinds I guess, but this is one that we can do without.

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