Max Runager died of blood clot

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Former NFL punter Max Runager, whose body was found in a parking lot recently at the age of 61, died of a blood clot.

Via Tim McManus of, Orangeburg County Chief Deputy Coroner Sean Fogle determined that the blood clot arose from a recent injury. According to Runager’s father, Max Runager suffered a fractured fibula when trying to get up from a chair using a walker. Runager was using the walker because he had previously fallen from the roof of his parents’ home, cracking a bone in his back.

Runager punted for the Eagles, 49ers, and Browns. He was a member of the 1984 San Francisco team that went 15-1 and won Super Bowl XIX.

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  1. Surgeries, bone breaks can cause a blood clot generally a pulmonary embolism.. And if you dismiss early signs or get misdiagnosed like what happen to me you can die very easily.. In my case they thought I had a heart attack did several tests and said I was fine and released me from the hospital. I went home on a Friday and on Sunday evening started to pass out sat on the bed for 40 minutes then layed down and woke the next morning. Early Monday I get a call from a cardiologist who asked me to go down and take a test. Went down took the test left holding the wall to get to my car and went home. 2 minutes after getting into the house I get a call from my doctor and told me to go to emergency immediately that I had a PE.. My clot was triggered by an arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder several weeks prior..

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