Hundreds show up at Raiders board meeting after fake jobs flyer

Getty Images

A Raiders stadium authority meeting in Las Vegas was overwhelmed with attendees last night, most of them brought there under false pretense.

According to the Associated Press, the cops had to be called when hundreds of job-seekers showed up for the board meeting. As it turns out, a fake flyer had been produced, promising “pre-job recruitment sign-ups,” and targeting black men and women specifically.

Board chairman Steve Hill denounced the flyer after the meeting, saying, “If folks were brought to the meeting under a false pretense, I think that’s too bad, that obviously shouldn’t happen.”

But he said the size of the crowd “exhibits a real desire on the part of a number of people in the community to go to work.”

The stadium authority isn’t ready to hire anyone yet for the $1.9 billion project, since they’re not ready to begin construction. The team has promised to work on an agreement about minority hiring, and said they’ll meet Nevada’s state-mandated 15 percent contracting of small businesses.

The board has a number of other issues to resolve before they can hire anyone, to the dismay of the crowd that showed up last night.