Sam Bradford: “Nothing has changed” regarding his contract

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Matthew Stafford may not be the only NFC North quarterback headed for the franchise tag in 2018.

Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford also enters the last year of his contract. He told reporters on Wednesday that “nothing has changed” regarding the deal, via Matt Vensel of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The Vikings could extend Bradford at any time before March. The question becomes whether he’d pull the plug on negotiations at some point before then.

The bigger question, looming for 2018, is whether the Vikings would use the franchise tag to keep him from leaving. If so, Bradford would make more than $22 million in 2018, with a 20-percent raise in 2019 and then a 44-percent raise looming for 2020.

Bradford will make $18 million this year, the second season of a two-year, $36 million deal. Last year, the Vikings paid only $7 million to Bradford, with the Eagles forking over the other $11 million before trading him.

Before that came a six-year, $78 million contract, pushing Bradford’s career earnings to $114 million through 2017. The money he has made will make it easier for Bradford to dig in and refuse subpar offers and hit the open market next year, or take the franchise tag.

From Minnesota’s perspective, committing to Bradford would mean de-committing to Teddy Bridgewater. So the Vikings will be kicking the can in 2017, and possibly in 2018.

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  1. Its amazing what an average NFL QB can bring in with the right agent and situation. 114M in essentially 6 seasons of work ( sat out one ).

    He has played pretty well the last few years though, statistically, so I imagine the market for him is pretty strong.

  2. This guy has already been paid WAY MORE than he’ll ever “earn” as an NFL quarterback.

  3. cheeseisfattening says:

    It is refreshing to see a QB not trying to negotiate his next contract with backhanded comment to the media about his current team.


    Exactly. And we’ll said.

  4. I see the Vikings franchising Bradford next season. If Sam has an excellent season this year and next, he’ll get the long-term contract and the Vikings will probably have to say goodbye to Teddy, unless he’s willing to extend his contract a little to be a backup and get some security while he continues healing.

    If Sam still can’t be convinced to throw the ball past the sticks on third down, the Vikings will let him go and take their chances with Teddy.

  5. Sam Bradford was the first pick in the 2010 draft and was highly regarded by many. Unfortunately he was drafted by a team with a head coach not known for developing QBs. High expectations, injury, and a head coach with a mediocre at best record (typically 7-9) that Sam could not overcome did not do Sam any good.

  6. 2 franchise QBs to choose from, an embarassment of riches for the best team in the NFC North…and looking like we can have them both through the 2018 season, then trade one or the other for a first round draft pick…

  7. Bradford has a level head and he is aware of how lucky he was to be drafted under his circumstances. He has made ridiculous amount of time for his production (granted he was injured and on some awful rams teams, in his defense.) He knows that if he repeat his performance from last year he will get a decent contract from someone. And if he doesn’t he’s still a number 1 pick 2 years removed from a solid year and someone will kick the tires on him.

  8. Bluestree says:
    Jul 26, 2017 2:48 PM
    Wow. The Eagles paid $11 mil to unload him!

    No, the Eagles paid $11M for a 1st and 4th round draft pick.

  9. cheeseisfattening says:
    Jul 26, 2017 2:10 PM
    It is refreshing to see a QB not trying to negotiate his next contract with backhanded comment to the media about his current team

    “Sam Bradford demands trade after Eagles’ move for No. 2 pick.”

    He’s not a prima donna. Nope. Not him.

  10. 250dollarnflowner says:
    Jul 26, 2017 3:14 PM
    packer fans talking trash about bradford. 668 yds, 5 TDs, 0 INT and 70% completion % in two games against turd town last year.

    Not one Packer fan post before you made this comment. Still making crap up I see, 250dollar, ariani, gtodriver, allight, and whatever else title you are using today.

  11. If I were Bradford, I would be begging for a contract extension before the season begins. Another year of play behind a leaky offensive could see him end up on IR (I would never wish an injury on anybody but he does have a long injury history and the talent on the line is weak)

    He has to make his money now and the Vikings have a long history of overpaying for potential (Benard Berriman, Fred Smoot just to name two examples) and overpaying what the NFL pays for a position (they paid a child abusive RB more than $16M when the next highest paid RB in the entire NFL was around half that).

    The old saying, there is a sucker born every minute should be revised to the Vikings will overpay someone every season, it might as well be Bradford.

  12. whatjusthapped says:

    um, you’re looking foolish again. Adrian made 7.75 million last year. He was cut before being due 16 million this year. Please do some research before looking like a fool on a public forum. SKOL!

  13. Just for the sake of accuracy, Adrian made $12 million last year and was due $18 million this year.

  14. I sincerely don’t think Sam has reached his potential, his first seasons were with a horrible team, then he played fairly well for the Eagles but was hand cuffed by receivers that either couldn’t catch the ball, or let it bounce off their hands for a pick.
    Last year he had to run for his life with probably the worst O line he has ever been behind!
    He still set an NFL completion % record last year. If the guys that complain about the short passes think about it, It is impossible for a QB to throw the ball deep if they only have 2.5-3 seconds before getting buried by the defensive end/NT/LB etc.
    I think he is a perfect QB for Minnesota IF their GM ever comes out of his self inflicted Coma of not spending Draft picks higher than 5 rounders for the most important group of players on a team!
    I say SAM’S the MAN, in the Hinterlands of Minnesota.

  15. Rodgers won’t be giving the packers discount double check in the next contract. Time to unload that stiff Fabio.

  16. “Sam Bradford demands trade after Eagles’ move for No. 2 pick.”
    I was commenting about Bradford’s refreshing act yesterday. Nothing he did or did not do in the past with the Eagles changes that.

  17. Rodgers > Stafford > Bradford > Glennon.

    and that’s how their teams will finish in the standings.

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