Lucky Whitehead: Cowboys didn’t give me an explanation


Lucky Whitehead, who started last week as a Cowboy and ended it as a Jet after the police falsely claimed he had been arrested for shoplifting, says he’s still not sure why the Cowboys cut him.

Whitehead said he tried to explain to the Cowboys that he had no idea why there was an arrest report bearing his name, but the team didn’t want to hear it. Even after the police confirmed that the arrest was a case of someone stealing Whitehead’s identity, the Cowboys never told him why he was out.

“The explanation? I don’t think I really got an explanation,” Whitehead said.

The timing of Whitehead’s release was obviously related to the bogus arrest report, but the honest explanation may just be that the Cowboys had decided to move on from Whitehead because he wasn’t going to make the 53-player roster anyway. That means it was a stroke of luck for Whitehead that he landed with the Jets now, when he has time to earn a roster spot. If the Cowboys had waited until the end of the preseason to release Whitehead, it would have been harder for him to catch on with another team. So that bogus arrest may have been a blessing in disguise.

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  1. The Cowboys don’t OWE you one.

    You can be cut at any time, for any reason, or for no reason.

  2. There is a pecking order in the NFL. Replace Lucky Whitehead’s name with Dak Prescott and Dallas would never have cut him without a year long “internal investigation”. Lucky’s situation is so bizarre. It fits in with the fake news era we live in. Hysteria and knee jerk reactions with ill timed and poorly thought out decision making.

  3. Who is the 5th string wr on the jets? Or any other team?…that’s right unless your a fan of that team, who cares right? Lucky out kicked his coverage got himself in the limelight and didnt take care of the football side–like showing up for the second giants game with the division on the line last season, nah Ol Luck was out late snapchatting. See ya lucky, hardly knew yea.

  4. Lucky should keep his mouth shut before the Cowboys make public all the other reasons that led to his release. I’ve never seen so much press for a bottom of the roster guy. Oh yeah, he was a Cowboy.

  5. You were the token cut to make it appear that the Cowboys were serious in discipline.

    Except you were innocent.

    Then they circled the wagons and sent out the owner’s mouthpiece (aka Jason Garrett) to do his best Marshawn Lynch imitation by reciting… We made a decision that was best for the Cowboys and we stand by that decision… over and over again.

  6. The Cowboys definitely handled this poorly, but enough already. If Lucky got this much press for his play, he’d have never been cut to begin with.

  7. Why was he the only person in the world who didn’t know he wasn’t going to be on the roster anyway?

  8. It won’t matter with his new team. Wait till he fumbles and puts the other team in great field position. Not the most graceful wide receiver either.

  9. Jerry has been under fire for years of backing criminals.

    He thought he would get out in front of this one because the player was not a top tier player.

    And he fumbled the ball.

  10. The cut was premature to be sure. But as far as him not getting an explanation, the thinking they were using is fairly obvious even without one.

  11. Lucky was not making the team this year. Way too many disappointments in his play last year. Our return guy but never really did anything in that area for several seasons.

    With Switz, there was no room for Lucky.

  12. It’s ironic how everyone was bashing Lucky (and Jerry of course), when it was first reported he had a warrant. Now suddenly everyone feels sorry for him.

  13. It fits in with the fake news era we live in. Hysteria and knee jerk reactions with ill timed and poorly thought out decision making.

    This has nothing to do with the news being fake or getting it wrong. The cops issued a mistaken warrant and the cowboys reacted before getting the whole story. The news reported the facts as they happened which includes his exoneration.

    Give me an example of fake news in the last week, something made up. Not a a mistaken fact that gets corrected but an actual news story that is completely fabricated from the reporters mind.

  14. @onermedboxer – Jerry Jones will cut this guy in the blink of an eye but will stand by Zeke no matter the crime

    So, is Lucky Whitehead a better player than Zeke ? If you were the head coach, you would keep Zeke over Lucky, right ? Because Zeke will help you win games, so don’t be a hypocrite thinking your more righteous than someone else. Besides have you even read the police report on Zeke’s incident, you need to educate yourself.

  15. Everyone, especially the Jerry Jones worshippers keeping claiming he was going to get cut anyways as if it was a foregone conclusion. No, you don’t know that. If he was such a scrub he would have been cut a long time ago. You don’t know how much he’s been working out. You don’t know how a rookie is going to perform

  16. With the disorganization and lack of discipline within the Cowboys, they will soon be returning to the perennial 8-8 they’ve been for the last 20 years.

  17. Lucky, listen to what Jason Garrett said…while he wasn’t man enough to tell you face to face, he instead went to the media to cover Jerry’s behind. The good news Lucky, is it occurred at the beginning of training camp, you got signed immediately by another team in a rebuild mode. Stop looking back, look ahead to making the best of the situation you’re in now. Dallas is old history now. Move forward!

  18. What would the national story be if he was cut later in the summer? Because that is what would have happened. Bottom line….this is a guy that came in as an undrafted free agent and was a decent returner, helping us replace Dwayne Harris. But he’s a knucklehead, he makes poor decisions on the field (see New Orleans game), he makes poor decisions off the field (see NY Giants game), and is clearly not aware of how fortunate he is to have his spot. And the irony is that he should make the Jets, so stop talking about the Cowboys.

  19. It was much smarter to not explain. If they said it was the arrest and now find that it was fake they may have been liable for something with the NFLPA. The honest answer may just be he wasn’t that good at returns. He fumbles. The fact of the matter is that every time he’s back to receive a kick you would just cringe and think, “Don’t mess up! Don’t Mess Up!” Instead of, “Ok, try for 30 yards.”

  20. He should change his name to Lucky Butthurt.
    Would you guys Please write something Good about NFL players for a change?
    You dropped the “Turd Watch”, but you make up for it with raging negativity to even include something like This story!
    Really–check your own archive.
    Stack positive against negative, and Then pretend to wonder why the NFL is not as popular as it has been.

  21. For all those trolls who thinks Zeke is guilty, read this if you have an education:
    “Police found no witnesses of Elliott’s alleged assaults. Three people, including a security manager at a bar, told police they saw Elliott’s accuser fight another woman that evening, not Elliott. Four people told police they heard the woman yell at Elliott she was going to “call the cops to ruin his career.” And one woman — whom Elliott’s accuser had identified as a witness — told police she didn’t witness any assault, but Elliott’s accuser had asked her to lie and say she had.”

  22. Ill give u one lucky..u suck..every punt i was nervous u were gonna fumble..and u had what like 5 catches all yr

  23. “Jerry Jones will cut this guy in the blink of an eye but will stand by Zeke no matter the crime”

    So would 31 other owners. Yep, all 31.

  24. timmydeaton says:
    Jul 30, 2017 10:22 AM

    First time the word “lucky” and signing with the Jets has every been written


    …As a Jets fan I find this comment hysterical!

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