Sean McVay finally has “fully healthy” Tavon Austin

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New Rams coach Sean McVay has big plans for receiver Tavon Austin. Finally, McVay gets a chance to implement them.

“He is fully healthy right now,” McVay told reporters regarding the receiver who missed all of the offseason program due to a wrist injury. “I think there’s still just a little bit — he’s still working to get full range motion on that wrist. I thought it was good to see him out there competing. He made some tough catches and you like the way you see him finish on a consistent basis.”

McVay said last month that the team intends for Austin to be a “big part” of the offense, and that the coaching staff has “ideas” regarding how to use him. The prior coaching staff used him in limited ways, trying to create opportunities for him to zoom past defenders who can’t catch him.

While that strategy has been effective at times, it hasn’t worked nearly enough to justify his draft status from 2013 or his four-year, $42 million contract from 2016.

5 responses to “Sean McVay finally has “fully healthy” Tavon Austin

  1. Tavon was great in college but is way overpaid for what he has done in the NFL. He would be dangerous weapon if the Rams had a legit top receiver like Julio or AJ Green. However, they don’t.

  2. Further, the Rams don’t have a pro level QB. Goof has shown nothing and will continue to struggle this season. This is on par for all of Silent Stan’s franchises a losing record.

  3. Austin is the most overpaid player in the NFL. He is paid like a superstar go to receiver who is really just a gadget player with marginal receiving skills. He’s good in madden though.

  4. I’ll admit he’s overpaid…but as someone who’s watched everyone of his games, the number of 50 yard plus plays he’s had called back is ridiculous. We’re not talking one or two. It’s got to be double digits.

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