Hall of Fame week begins with Ezekiel Elliott situation unresolved


It’s becoming increasingly clear that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones not only wants the league to exonerate running back Ezekiel Elliott but also wants it to happen now.

That’s the unmistakable takeaway from Jones saying on Thursday that a decision is “imminent” and on Saturday that “everything’s in place” for a decision to be made. He clearly hope this to get resolved sooner than later, and for good reason.

Apart from the fact that the situation is now officially hovering over the owner’s Hall of Fame induction week, the Cowboys will need to fully plan for Elliott’s absence, and also help him come up with a strategy for staying in shape during his suspension — along with connecting him to a private coach who will be able to serve as an intermediary between Elliott and the team. (In The Quarterback Whisperer, Cardinals coach and former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians explains that he sent practice scripts and play scripts to non-Steelers employee George Whitfield during quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension, with other directions given to Ben through Whitfield as a time when Arians couldn’t communicate with the quarterback directly.)

If Elliott is going to be suspended, don’t be surprised if the decision is held until early next week. If he’s going to be exonerated, don’t be surprised if the decision is announced this week.

Until the decision comes, look for Jones to keep talking about it, in the hopes of getting the league to implement it.

8 responses to “Hall of Fame week begins with Ezekiel Elliott situation unresolved

  1. Seems kind of obvious. He’s been a dirtbag … he gets a suspension. What’s so difficult?

  2. Roger has stepped away from this decision. Elliott will not face a suspension and Roger will not have to answer any questions.

    Easy peasy, lemon squeezy….

  3. Jerry has been pleading his case to the league that’s why the very slow moving news. If this was a Bengal he would have been suspended the first 4 games of the season already. They have had more than enough time to evaluate what has transpired so either it does or does not fall under the personal conduct policy. Roger needs to sack up and tell his boss to shut his mouth and take his suspension IN THE FACE!!!!!!!! 6 games dirtbag!!!

  4. Doubt anything is coming this week. League doesn’t want anything to overshadow the HOF weekend. Has it ever occured to anyone that, despite the fact that Elliott acts like a dil, he hasn’t done anything that warrants a suspension?

  5. Yea yea yea Jerry runs the league that’s why we haven’t won anything of importance in over 20 years y’all are sad

  6. Four games, announced the day before the regular season opener. Jerrah is just one of 32.

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