Jamal Adams says “perfect place to die” comment was “simply about passion”


Jets safety Jamal Adams insists he wasn’t trying to offend anyone when he called the football field “the perfect place to die.” But after the rookie’s comments created a firestorm, coach Todd Bowles told Adams to “clear it up.”

“Honestly, I really did not see it getting that far,” Adams said, via Daniel Popper of the New York Daily News. “I was speaking about being passionate about the game that I love. And I understand that some families were affected by this disease, and I definitely didn’t mean [to offend them in] any type of way.”

Adams, whose father, George, played for the Giants in the 1980s before his career prematurely ended with a hip injury, said he understands what former NFL players deal with in retirement. But at a fan forum Monday, Adams’ answer to a question about Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy drew criticism from the ex-wife of late Steelers offensive lineman Justin Strzelczyk, among others.

“My comments were simply for passion, nothing else,” Adams said. “Not one time did I say anything about CTE, didn’t say anything negative. I respect it. I understand what’s the outcome of it, and I know there’s families that are affected. But at the same time, everything’s about passion [with] what I said.”

Adams repeatedly talked about his “love” and “passion” for the game, but he obviously has much to learn.

“I love this game so much,” Adams said. “I come on this field, it’s my job now. I’m very passionate. I go to war with my brothers every day. . . .It’s a long sacrifice that a lot of people don’t understand, what we go through, ins and outs. So when we’re on this field, this is my playground, this is where I’m most at peace. And this is what I love to do.”

15 responses to “Jamal Adams says “perfect place to die” comment was “simply about passion”

  1. The kid loves football. Why does the media always have to twist everything to something bigger than it is? Jeez. Anything for a headline eh. I’m rooting for him now. Keep your head up kid, go get ’em. Eagles fan here.

  2. This dude is awesome. People really did get way too bent out of shape over a single comment he made during his first NFL training camp. Cut him some slack.

  3. I swear I am growing increasingly intolerant of the PC movement. No one wants to die, but if you die doing what you love there are those who can put a positive spin on it, that’s all he meant.

  4. Jeez. The guy apparently LOVES playing football and, like many people, would prefer to live and die doing what he loves. And thats his riģht, isn’t it? What in the world does that have to do disparaging CTE sufferers, widows, babies, blah blah blah?

  5. It was extremely obvious, Jamal.

    Unfortunately our society demands explanations for the obvious.

  6. He shouldn’t have apologized. He should have just doubled down, yes I’m passionate, and yes I would die on the field, and I’m not going to let the pc crowd our there police what I say.

  7. The original quote was taken completely out of context.
    The fact that Adams had to clarify it is a joke.
    If people want to clarify what he said, go listen to the whole quote. Everything is a stupid twisted sound bite nowadays!

    PS, this guy is the man, he is going to help change the Jets locker room culture!

  8. Good thing he didn’t say “It kills me to lose.” Or

    “I’m going to be the best I can be or die trying.”

    Tough room.

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