Titans’ uniforms to undergo big changes

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Things are changing around the Titans. They have undergone renovations to their locker room, training room and weight room. Now, their uniforms are getting a makeover.

Controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk told PaulKuharsky.com the Titans will change their uniforms for the 2018 season.

We’re picked and done and now they go to Nike production and whatever they do after that,” Adams Strunk said. “It’s done.”

The only hint Adams Strunk gave was that the color won’t drastically change, saying “we’re not going to be orange or anything.”

“It’s not minor,” Adams Strunk said. “It’s not a total color change or anything like that. I think everybody is going to be very pleased with where it went.”

31 responses to “Titans’ uniforms to undergo big changes

  1. “They’ve already got one of the best uniforms in the league. It makes me wish they played better.”

    Good lord. Are you guys color blind? Their uniforms would be rejected in the CFL, the home of terrible uniforms. Hopefully, they change their flaming thumbtack logo, too.

  2. Titans uniform has simply been unremarkable.

    Does not catch the eye.

    There’s little to specifically point out as the cause but I’m guessing the blue-on-blue has a lot to do with it.

  3. I liked their color scheme – I hope they don’t change it. The logo on the helmet sucks though.

  4. I like several individual components of the Titans’ current uniform, including the classic Columbia (Oilers) light blue. But for some reason, it all doesn’t work great when put together…starting at the white helmet and flaming tack.

    Its like they’re trying to include too many elements, including the TN state flag (dark blue/red, 3 stars), homage to the Oilers (light blue, white helmets), “Titans” imagery (sword, flames), etc…just too much going on.

    Hopefully the new look is more cohesive without being too garish, like most NIKE designs.

  5. Feels like a story that should come out late February or early March.

    Not sure if PaulKuharsky.com asked the question or the owner just didn’t feel like talking football today…better yet they should discuss florionomics and how Mariota can make a billion dollars by signing a never ending string of 1 year contracts.

  6. The current ones aren’t bad. I would rather see the NFL force the Jags, Bucs, and Browns to toss their new unis and go back to the previous ones.

  7. This uniform needs to be cleaned up and simplified. A red helmet with 3-stars in the blue circle (like the state flag) and a single blue stripe down the middle is all they need. Remove the flaming thumbtack. Navy blue jersey, couple of 1 inch Columbia blue stripes bordering a 2 inch red stripe on the sleeves and on the pants. (White pants for the blue jersey and blue pants for the white jersey)

  8. Uniform changes are so bad for the sport. With all the pink; army gear, color rush; they only wear the traditional uniforms one damn time a year anyways. So tired of this. Just adds to more stuff that makes me miss the NFL of the 80s and 90s I grew up watching.

  9. Worst unis in the NFL:

    1. Browns
    2. Titans
    3. Jaguars

    I don’t get the hate for the Bucs. Previous ones were better though.

    Powder blue, dark blue, ugh! So lame. Needs a revamp.

    So bad. If you think they are good looking, maybe Nike needs to give up the design to Martha Stewart.

  10. Getting rid of the flaming thumbtack would be a good place to make a change. Put that sword they have on their sleeves on the helmet. The rest is fine.

  11. Hopefully it’s just a cleaner look. This uniform is/was very 90’s style, but it doesn’t age well. A nice no-frills classic jersey (Packers, Raiders) ages very well. Not saying we can’t have something other than clock lettering, but get a classic logo with fewer colors & unis without so many stripes & we’re solid.

  12. As a Jags fan… I kinda liked their uni’s.

    Wish we could change ours back…. like to the 99 style.

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