Full details of Kam Chancellor contract will say plenty

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Two years ago, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor tried to get a new contract by holding out into the regular season. It didn’t work.

On Tuesday, Chancellor finally got what he wanted. It’s still not clear what he exactly got.

Sure, the initial reports had Chancellor getting $36 million over three years with $25 million guaranteed. But that’s how the game gets played, and more and more fans are beginning to understand it.

The player or his agent leak the information to reporter(s) who will pass the information along without analysis or scrutiny, getting the best possible characterization into the public consciousness (and onto the ESPN/NFL Network crawls) when the news is fresh. Then, after everyone has moved on to something else, the truth comes out — a truth that often makes the deal look less advantageous than the initial reports.

For example, by simply saying “$25 million guaranteed,” there’s no way to discern how much is fully guaranteed at signing, and how much is guaranteed only for injury. That’s a fairly important distinction, one that almost never is made in the initial reporting on any deal.

Also, the three years/$36 million characterization suggests that the deal is worth $12 million per year, putting him near the top of the market for the safety position. That’s the “new money” analysis; factoring in the $6.8 million that Chancellor already was due to make in 2017, it’s a four-year $42.8 million deal. That’s an average of $10.7 million, not $12 million.

Soon, we’ll know more about the signing bonus, the full guarantee, the structure, and (perhaps most importantly) the year in which the Seahawks would be likely either to squeeze Chancellor to take less or rip up the deal.

That’s the power the team will have, each and every year for the next four. And it further underscores the imbalance between management and labor, since the players are stuck with their contracts (as Chancellor learned the hard way in 2015) and the teams aren’t.

8 responses to “Full details of Kam Chancellor contract will say plenty

  1. Of all the guys in the final year of their deal, Kam is the one I was hoping they’d get done the most. Now get Jimmy Graham done. He’s been lights out for us…Wilson just needs to figure out how to get him the ball in the redzone, but that’s not JG’s fault.

  2. Graham can be franchised for about $10 million next year, exactly what he’s making this year. Expect the Seahawks to go that route if he has another good year.

    Extensions for Thomas, Britt and Sherman are next up.

  3. No matter how the contract is constructed, reasonable people agree that this defense is overrated. Their offense needs to step it up this year if they want to succeed.

  4. No matter how the contract is constructed, reasonable people agree that this defense is overrated. Their offense needs to step it up this year if they want to succeed.


    “unreasonable people agree that this defense is overrated.”

    Fixed that for you.

    You’re welcome.

  5. That is a lot of money for a safety on a team that is going to be an also-ran for the Super Bowl at best. Congratulations to Kam Chancellor for getting paid.

  6. Lol, try telling Matt Ryan’s 36 points and Carson Palmer’s 34 points and Blaine Gabbert’s 23 points and Aaron Rodgers’ 38 points that defense isn’t overrated.

    The bottom line is your offense will need to score more than five points against teams like the Bucs this year.

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