LeCharles Bentley: Jamal Adams, Morris Claiborne are “young and dumb”

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Former NFL offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley called Jamal Adams and Morris Claiborne “young and dumb.”

Adams and Claiborne, in separate settings Monday, both expressed a willingness to die on the football field. Adams tried to clarify his comments Tuesday, but the damage was done.

Bentley becomes the latest to take issue with the idea of the football field being “the perfect place to die.”

When you’re young, you don’t understand your mortality,” Bentley said, via Jeff Duncan of New Orleans’ Dunc & Holder radio show. “You don’t see it. You feel invincible, and you feel that football is all you have, because it’s all you’ve ever done. When you’re 26 years old, that’s all you know. You’ve spent 26 years of your life working toward a goal, and you really feel in your heart that this is all that there is left in life. And so for these young guys to make these comments, I understand where it’s coming from because I’ve been there. I’ve been young and dumb before. We’ve all been young and dumb before.”

Bentley made two Pro Bowls in four seasons with the Saints. But his career ended prematurely in 2007 because of complications from a severe knee injury in 2006 as a member of his hometown Browns. He underwent several surgical procedures on his knee and nearly needed amputation because of a staph infection and a virus in his leg.

7 responses to “LeCharles Bentley: Jamal Adams, Morris Claiborne are “young and dumb”

  1. Young people are definitely prone to overly exaggerated proclamations. I can recall a few I made myself when I was young and stupid, well into my 20’s. In my early 30’s now, I wonder at my stupidity just five or six years ago.

    We all grow up in our own time.

  2. Young people say young people stuff. They haven’t played a game yet. Much less a season. Let them get their bell rung a couple of times. They don’t know that one injury can kill their careers. The only medication is experience. That does not make them dumb. A big difference between experience and intelligence. A lot of smart people say and do dumb stuff.

  3. Is there a more ornery dude with a holier-than-thou complex than LeCharles Bentley? I loved the guy at OSU, but after he retired from the NFL he and his “old and dumb” ego were insufferable on Cleveland radio.

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