Myles Garrett earns promotion to first team

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Well, that didn’t take long.

During the offseason program, the Browns worked Myles Garrett with the second and third teams as coach Hue Jackson said the No. 1 overall pick would have to earn the starting job.

On Wednesday, Garrett earned the promotion to the first team . . . and then showed why.

With his mentor, Bruce Smith, watching, Garrett blew by All-Pro left tackle Joe Thomas for a would-be sack of Cody Kessler.

I saw a blur go around me, I didn’t know who was over there,” Browns coach Hue Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m not surprised by anything he does, he just has to do it every day. Gotta do it every day and keep getting better.”

Smith, who holds the NFL’s all-time sack record with 200, famously told Garrett before the draft that he needed to anticipate the snap better.

“It was a great rush,” Smith said, complimenting Garrett.

Of course, it’s also the only time Garrett beat Thomas in half a dozen or so one-on-ones.

“I beat him on the last rush,” Garrett said. “But there was a rush where I tried to ‘bull,’ and he started to slow me down. Then, [Joel] Bitonio came and basically stopped me in my tracks. I heard Joe whisper to me, ‘Nice try.’ That’s going against one of the world’s best. You’re going to get better each day by doing that.”

12 responses to “Myles Garrett earns promotion to first team

  1. They haven’t even played an exhibition game yet …

    this all seems a bit scripted to me … they should have just handed him the keys when they drafted him.

  2. ““I saw a blur go around me, I didn’t know who was over there,” Browns coach Hue Jackson said”

    Ok. Everyone who believes that stand on their head and chug a beer.


  3. Well deserved! Garret’ s potential is through the roof! He’s gonna beat Joe, he is the best LT of all time. IMO And he’s nearing the end. This kid is 10+ years younger, no offense!

    Figured someone can give a positive review, jeez.

  4. How much of a lowlife do you have to be to take a dump on Cleveland? You’re probably the same guys who picked on fat kids then grew up to be fattest of all. Low character to take aim at the lowest among us.

    I’m a Seahawks fan but I’ll be watching the Browns the next few years too. Seems like they finally turned the page, made the right picks in the draft for once, and they could keep gaining steam until Brady and Roethlisberger are gone and the AFC is wide open for them.

  5. I love all the skeptical comments even though the article literally admits he only did it once and Thomas owned him every other time.

    The point is the Browns have the #2 ranked offensive line going into 2017 so quite literally if he can pass that line a couple times in practice he should have no issues in real games against the 30 teams with weaker lines. If you’re a team like the Colts who go against Cleveland in week 3 with a paper thin line and a franchise QB with injury issues, you should be scared of what the Browns built this off season or at least hoping the Ravens and Steelers soften them up so they aren’t as effective.

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