DeShone Kizer moves closer to starting job

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It’s only a week, but DeShone Kizer looks like the Browns’ best quarterback.

The rookie has been head and shoulders better than either Cody Kessler or Brock Osweiler, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and “it’s not even close.”

The Browns have their Orange and Brown scrimmage Friday when Kizer can move even closer to starting in the preseason opener, which means moving even closer to the starting job for the regular season.

“Obviously after we have the scrimmage and go through that process [I’ll decide who starts the preseason opener],” Browns coach Hue Jackson. “Next week, there’s really two days of practice before we play.”

Kizer hasn’t won the job yet, but at this point, he’s the best bet to win the job. Despite having less experience than either of the quarterbacks he is competing against, Kizer has done things neither of the veterans has.

Jackson, though, stressed the competition has a long way to go before Kizer wins the job.

“I will say to all of you — me making a decision who may start the [first preseason] game may not be who’s the starter for the season, too,” Jackson said. “I mean I still have to go through the process. Next week, the guy that starts might not still be the starter in my mind unless that’s where I am. I told you guys I’m not going to rush. I appreciate you all and I appreciate our fans. But it’s too important of a decision to get right for our football team. So I love the pressure you guys put on, but I’m not succumbing to it.”

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  1. @natijim185 The Browns had a great job. It reminds me of the 2014 draft the Raiders had. Kizer could be the best QB in the 2017 draft like Carr was the best in 2014.

  2. This is pretty funny. The difference between a good QB and bad QB is what they do on Sunday, in pressure situations. Unless I missed something, they haven’t played any games. I remember how everyone was raving about Jeff George and Jamarcus Russell when they looked good in practice. Joe Montana was possibly the worst practice QB of all time. Kizer might turn out to be a very good QB. Probably won’t know for a couple years. I wouldn’t rush Kizer.

  3. @fumblenuts, GREAT point about Wilson beating out the veteran QB that Seattle paid a grip to come in and start. That says a LOT about Brock Osweiler, if he doesn’t beat out a rookie.

  4. They were literally the worst team in the league last year, so it’s not like they can get any worse by playing him and giving him some experience. It seems obvious that they aren’t going anywhere with Osweiler or Kessler, so they might as well give Kizer every chance to succeed if they’re ever going to solve their ongoing mess at the position.

  5. Hue Jackson and his band of money ballers will destroy Kizer’s career! It’s was clear during the 2016 draft the Kessler was not a starting QB in the NFL, Brock Osweiler was a bust with a much better team in the Texans so there was really no competition during training camp.

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