Terrell Davis does Pops proud, earning Hall induction in 11th year of eligibility

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It took Terrell Davis until his 11th year of eligibility to get into the Hall of Fame. Broncos fans also believe team owner Pat Bowlen has waited too long.

To that end, Davis used part of his 27-minute induction speech to campaign for Bowlen’s induction next year.

“Now, Mr. B is at home right now fighting a courageous battle against Alzheimer’s,” Davis said. “A few weeks from now, the Hall of Fame selection committee will be voting on a contributor category. Let’s make sure that this champion is enshrined in 2018.”

Davis, the Broncos’ all-time leading rusher with 7,607 yards, played only seven seasons. That’s why his wait was longer than he, the Broncos and Broncos fans wanted.

While Davis was grateful he finally got the call, it was merely another hurdle in his life. He recalled suffering from migraine headaches for most of his life, but what changed his life was “staring down the barrel of a shotgun.”

Football provided Davis way out.

Davis thanked all those who helped him get where he is, but saved his parents for last. He credited them for getting him where he stood Saturday night.

“I don’t know how you did it, mom,” Davis said. “You clothed us; you fed us; and you never left anybody behind. You taught me responsibility to always give back. Mom, you are the embodiment of unconditional love, and I love you very much.

“To my other hero, my father: Although my dad didn’t use the words I love you often, through his tough love and discipline I knew he did. I knew I never wanted to live the life he lived as he grew up on a tough side of St. Louis and more than once he’d been shot or stabbed. But the reason I ascribe the word hero to him is that he always did the very best he knew how to prepare us for his version of life as a black man in America, and his version was harsh. When I was 12, my father became ill and until he went to the hospital, I didn’t know how sick he was. He was the original iron man. It didn’t matter how many times he’d been sick or hurt, he’d always bounce back. But not this time. My father died of lupus when he was 41, and obviously my dad never saw me play in the National Football League. Until this day, I’d think about him and wonder, did I gain his respect? Dad, I hope you’re looking down, smiling and uttering the words, ‘Son, I’m proud of you.’

“Pops taught us toughness and wisdom. My mother taught us courage and dedication. The earnest dedication of both my parents is why I humbly stand before you.”

9 responses to “Terrell Davis does Pops proud, earning Hall induction in 11th year of eligibility

  1. Are the 54 running backs who’ve gained more career yards than Davis all enshrined in Canton?

  2. 700levelvet- Did the 54 running backs have a league MVP, Superbowl MVP, 2000 yard season, average 142 yards in 8 playoff games with 12 TDs being the main reason of the 2 Broncos superbowls in 97-98?

    I know most of you care about longevity… Never would I put Curtis Martin or Jerome Bettis in the class of Terrell Davis. Sure they were above average players for years but never were ELITE. TD was the best player in the league for 2 years and accomplished more in his short stint than most HOF rbs have in there “long careers”

  3. 700levelvet says:
    August 5, 2017 at 10:29 pm
    Are the 54 running backs who’ve gained more career yards than Davis all enshrined in Canton?

    Classy move by Davis. But here’s the thing, Davis was effective for only 4 years. He was injured much of his last 3 years during which he ran for about 1200 yards total. Had he played 14 years he may have hit 15000 which puts him in a solid lock for the HOF, but he didn’t. Tiki Barber ran for 10k+ in 9 years. Corey Dillon 11k in 9 years. Neither is in the HOF. He gets in ostensibly due to MVP awards but straight up stats say he should have been inducted after a few other guys who were more productive, and with multiple teams.

  4. A few years ago Broncos’ Nation started a dust up by complaining that if Gale Sayers were in the HoF, Terrell Davis damned sure belonged there as well. Yeah, yeah, we get it that Sayers had an injury shortened career, but he was so highly esteemed that he became the youngest person ever inducted…and he did not share the backfield with a QB anywhere nearly as good as John Elway.
    Davis had some great years, too bad his Super Bowl victories are tainted by the way the team cheated the salary cap to get there.

  5. the watering down of the HOF continues under goodell. quickly becoming nothing more than a popularity contest. td was good for a few years, at least two of them he was cheating. but hey, revisionist history says he was the GOAT! lol

  6. Do those 54 running backs have 2 Superbowls, a 2000 yd season and regarded as the best post season running back in league history??

  7. Yes I agree that Davis did not have the longevity that most people look for when it comes to the HOF. That aside when he played was he the best at that time at his position? Without a doubt. He will always be compared to Sayers and if that’s the case it’s not even close.

    Sayers – 68 (No playoff appearances)
    TD – 86 (including playoffs)

    Rushing yards
    Sayers – 4956 reg season and 0 in playoffs
    TD – 7607 + 1140 playoffs. Total 8747

    Sayers – 39 rushing +9 receiving+ 8 special teams. Total 47
    TD – 60 reg season + 12 playoffs + 5 receiving . Total 77

    Receiving yards
    Sayers – 1308
    TD – 1280 reg season+ 131 playoffs.Total 1311

    Kick return
    Sayers – 2781
    TD – 0

    Punt return
    Sayers – 381
    TD – 0

    All purpose totals
    Sayers – 9435
    TD – 10,158

    TD played 16 games more then Sayers (1 season) and the numbers are not even close. If it wasn’t for Sayers having 3162 yards on special teams then it would even be a bigger margin of victory for TD. Rushing and Receiving alone without special teams your looking at only 6273 for Sayers and 10158 for TD. Not to mention playoff records that have yet to be matched by anyone. TD averaged 5.6 yards per carry and 12 touchdowns in the playoffs and in 8 games. Most RBs may not have 12 rushing touchdowns in a season let alone 8 games against playoff teams. The haters can hate all they want because they were mad when TD ran their teams over and that’s understandable. I would dislike them as well if every game you knew who you had to stop and you just couldn’t get the job done. Bottom line Sayers is the only back to compare TD to and it will always be that way. Going by the numbers TD blew Sayers away in every category. And I’m just glad I added Sayers special teams yards and touchdowns in there or it would have been a bigger landslide

  8. mrclaytonbigsby says:
    August 6, 2017 at 11:29 am
    Do those 54 running backs have 2 Superbowls, a 2000 yd season and regarded as the best post season running back in league history??
    TD has two superbowls that he participated in cheating to obtain – that does not help him
    his two best years, including the 2k year, were also during the cheating years. to be clear, they had more talent on that team than the salary cap would allow, so they found other means of compensation. any record or stat during that period should be taken off the books. nothing but fraudulent meaningless numbers.
    TD was good. he was great when he had the extra help from cheating and then he was done. his career is not even close to HOF caliber- and his admission should be an insult to others that had to EARN their way in, and werent simply buddies with mr. ed and goodell.

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