Jared Cook debuts as No. 2 tight end for the Raiders


Tight end Jared Cook had the catch of the year for the Packers. He parlayed that into a free-agent deal with the Raiders.

He has not yet parlayed that into a starting job.

Cook appears as the No. 2 tight end on the first unofficial depth charter of the year, behind Lee Smith. A veteran who appeared in only four games last year due to injury, Smith recently took a pay cut to stay with the Raiders. Cook, who signed a two-year, $10.6 million deal, is due to make considerably more.

Elsewhere on offense, Marshall Newhouse is the starting left tackle, with Donald Penn still holding out. And (surprise) Marshawn Lynch is the starting tailback.

On defense, cornerback Sean Smith recently wasn’t even the nickel corner during an intrasquad scrimmage. He’s now back in the starting lineup. Smith, along with David Amerson, are the top two cornerbacks. Amerson sits one spot ahead of rookie first-rounder Gareon Conley.

Undrafted rookie Breon Borders, who played nickel during the scrimmage, lands in the “other” category at fourth string, or worse.

So who knows what any of this means? Jared Cook surely hopes it means nothing.

16 responses to “Jared Cook debuts as No. 2 tight end for the Raiders

  1. For the Raiders the biggest question surrounding the TE position is not who will be the starter, but will anyone on the defense be able to cover the TE. At this point both Lee and Cook are probably looking like Hall Of Famer’s in practice.

  2. Keith McKellar was the “starter” at TE for those Bills teams that went to 4 super bowls. Does anyone remember him?

    No. You remember Pete Metzalaars, who was on the field when Jim Kelly needed a TE to make a timely catch.

    Who cares who’s listed as the starter?

    Who’s going to play on passing downs? It will be Cook.

  3. Maybe they want to get Lee Reps with the 1st team. Don’t see what the big deal is for a Pre-season game other than Florio stirring the pot.

  4. This means nothing. It’s a mix-and-match game. Smith is the inline blocker, Cook the receiving threat. And don’t sleep on Walford, either. Nothing to see here, as far as listing starters.

  5. Maybe Del Rio is sending a message? How big of deal is this anyway? Tight ends are switched out all the time.

  6. If we don’t have a top three offense this year will be a disappointment. I hope Downing isn’t scared to score points like Bill Musgrave was. All that stands between us and Superbowl 52 is New England. Let’s face it Pittsburgh and KC are has beens and never wases. Raiders time to shine

  7. OF course we will run “sometimes” when Cook is in and we will throw Smith a bone every once in a while but make no mistake one is for receiving the other for blocking, doesn’t matter who is listed as starter at all.The challenge will be not telegraphing which is coming.

  8. I’m concerned that Walford hasn’t seemed to develop. He showed flashes his first couple seasons but seems to have leveled off.

  9. Cook is hands down one of the most overrated players I’ve ever seen.

    Career high receptions – 52
    Average receptions/season – 38

    Career high yards – 759.. all the way back in 2011
    Average/season – 485

    Career high tds – 5.. he has 1.. ONE the last 2 (TWO!) seasons!
    Average season – 2

    Cute that people think this guy will make a difference.

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