Matt Moore intends to compete, regardless of whether competition is open


With the Dolphins not paying Jay Cutler $10 million to stand on the sidelines, that’s likely where Matt Moore will be. And he knows it.

To his credit, Moore knows that his role will be: (1) to be ready to play; and (2) to help Cutler be ready to play. The best way to do both will be to treat the situation like a competition, even if there isn’t really a competition.

“I think I’ve been in this league long enough to know that you compete every day,” Moore said regarding whether he sees the competition as open. “Whether there’s a depth chart or not, you’re competing every day with yourself, with your teammates, and that makes you better.”

He also was asked whether he’s asked himself, “Why not me?”

“I don’t have time for that,” Moore said. “I’m grinding. I’m working on things. I’m improving from last year and looking forward to the future. . . . This is a team sport and you guys know this, I’ve been with this organization for a long time and have been a team guy and I’m, like I said, [focused on] training camp. My focus is getting better and working with the guys that are here.”

He’s also focused on competing, even if there’s not really a competition.

“Like I said it before, you compete every day,” Moore said. “And other guys — everybody makes you better around you. You compete every day and you try to be at your best when the season starts.”

That’s precisely what the coach wants.

“Our guys know that we have one goal in mind and that’s to win, and we felt like this gave us a good opportunity to have two really good quarterbacks on our team,” coach Adam Gase separately explained. “We felt like we had two good quarterbacks when Ryan [Tannehill] was healthy. That’s really what we wanted to make sure [of]. We wanted to make sure if something happened, we weren’t going to have a fall off. I think our guys understand that. I feel like we have a lot of guys that have worked extremely hard and when Ryan went down, that was a blow to all of us. I want to make sure that we put ourselves in the best position possible at the quarterback position to where our guys feel like they have a chance to win.”

So they had two good quarterbacks before, and they have two now. In a league where plenty of teams don’t even have one that is worth a damn, the Dolphins are ahead of the game.

9 responses to “Matt Moore intends to compete, regardless of whether competition is open

  1. What else would you expect? Not everyone lies to themselves, Matt Moore knows who he is. He is a well above average backup / borderline starter. He got there by being competitive, it’s not like that is suddenly going to change.

  2. If Cutler plays like he did last year, Moore will be a starter at some point during the season. He couldn’t even complete 60% of his passes and threw more interceptions than touchdowns. Everyone believes that Adam Gase will somehow get more out of him. That’s just not a given and Cutler is out of shape and really quit the game.

  3. Cowboys fan here Matt Moore is the man great guy great attitude I think he would be better than Cutler any day

  4. I sincerely hope none of you people are stupid enough to believe Moore is simply too busy helping the Dolphins win to be even just the tiniest bit disappointed and/or pissed that the organization devoted not one single second to seriously considering him as the new starter. He can lie all he wants in the end, human nature is what it is and he must have an emotional reaction to the situation that rises above simply wanting to be a team guy.

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